September 11, 2013

Sci Fi Invasion: The Creeping Terror

The Sci Fi Invasion box set is starting to pick up steam. Granted, it is just little puffs of barely seen steam, but it is more than it has been able to muster over a two film span yet. You would have to consider it a tough task to follow up the entertaining mash up oddity Future Hunters. Now, to be honest, the follow up feature is entertaining in a completely different fashion. With Future Hunters you have a movie purposefully made to be an weird stew of a movie, this feature, on the other hand, never had a chance.

The movie in question is none other than The Creeping Terror, a cheapie B-movie that is unlike anything I have seen before. It is entertaining in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 fashion, I have not checked but I would be surprised if those guys did not ever target this gem. The movie was made back in 1964 but does not have any evidence of a theatrical release, in fact most reports have it placed as appearing on television in 1976. I wonder what it was doing during those intervening years?

When you watch the movie, you will discover a good deal of narration talking over the action. My research has found two possible explanations, one has the audio track being damaged and unusable, using narration and alternate take audio used to fill it in, the other was that it was shot silent to save money and dub later. I personally think the first sounds more plausible.

The movie focuses on an alien critter who lands in the country side and goes shambling eating whoever happens to be on is path. Meanwhile, a scientist and a recently married deputy team up to stop it. That is pretty much all there is too it. The movie barely hits 75-minutes, so it is not all that long, although it does feel it at times.

What makes The Creeping Terror so entertaining? It is it's ineptitude, it is just bad on all levels. Apparently, the movie was partially financed by Hollywood hopefuls who bought roles in the film. That would explain the bad acting. The creature itself is also pretty darn bad, looking like a shambling pile of carpets. It eats whatever is not smart enough to move and I must admit to being amused watching various women's legs get slowly sucked inside its mouth. There is also a great scene in a dance club with some of the worst dancing and music you will ever see.

Seriously, there really is no need to see this movie. Still, to its benefit, it is so bad as to be entertainingly silly. From the narration over where people should be talking, to the ropes on the monster to pull it as it gets shot, to the torture of a trapped monster, to, well, pretty much anything. The Creeping Terror is just so bad.

If you are a sucker for crappy old movies, you will not be disappointed with this.

Recommended, but bad.

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