August 25, 2013

Monster Mania Con 25 has Come to an End

Over the past few years, convention going has become a highlight of my year. No, I don't go to a lot of them, but when I do go, I make sure to make the most of it. This most recent stop was at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill, NJ, a convention that has become a regular twice a year stop. This was their 25th show and is a featured part of their ten year anniversary. To that end, show promoter Dave Hagan along with his sons Doug and Dave have pulled out all the stops and have brought a lineup littered with big name talent.

I had a great time over the course of the weekend. I met some great stars, got a number of autographs, and was able to meet up with some new friends and some old friends. The convention experience has become something of a dysfunctional family reunion. It is always great getting a chance to meet up with the likes of Kevin Spencer and his Inkspatters artwork, CJ Draden and his artistic intensity, the always happy Kristy Jett from Fright Rags, not to mention Monster Mania cohort and filmmaker Rob Dimension. These people are always great to see.

Now, let's take a look at some of the images I captured over the course of the weekend. First up is the video generated by my camera, I love how for every picture it takes, it captures a few seconds of video and stitches them all together. After that, check out a selection of the pictures themselves.

Obligatory shot of the hotel..

The hotel lobby..

Christopher Lloyd signing a Back to the Future picture for me. He was not doing posed photos at the table, nor was he personalizing items. Still, he was a nice guy with a big smile. He liked me telling him how great a Klingon he was in Star Trek III.

Meaghan Rath signing my sister's Being Human poster.

My sister with Meaghan Rath who was having a lot of fun at her first ever convention appearance.

Jake Busey signing a Frighteners picture for me. He didnt have the best selection of pictures, but I knew it had to be Frighteners from him. He also had stuff from The Hitcher II, Starship Troopers, and Contact.

Me and the surprisngly tall Jake Busey.

Rob Dimension working on a Mediocre Joker sketch for me.

Carrie Fisher walking her dog. I did get an autograph and a picture with her, but it was a pro op and I have not yet scanned it. She was very nice and on Saturday was "glittering" folks. Lots of people walking around with glitter smeared on their faces and arms.

Freddie (spelling intentional) is a fixture here, always scaring folks.

Me with Malcolm McDowell, I added his signature to my Rob Zombie Halloween poster and this print by Kevin Spencer. He was very cool Funny thing, though, I wanted him to right a quote on this picture, I read it to him and had it on a card which I gave him He said OK and wrote something completely different. Oh well.

Theresa Tilley signing my custom Evil Dead poster.

Betsy Baker signing my custom Evil Dead poster/

Me with Betsy Baker and Theresa Tilley of the original Evil Dead. Unfortunately, Ellen Sandweiss had to cancel.

Never know what you are going to lose...

Creepy dude, saw him at Chiller in April as well.

With the legendary George Romero at the VIP party. He was very nice, but was suffering the effectrs of the long day and was literally leaning against the wall to stay upright for these pictures.

Clockwork Orange VIP cake.

George Romero as a zombie VIP cake.

Me with Terry Kiser of Weekend at Bernie's at the VIP party.

Me with Bruce Davison of Willard,X-Men, and Lords of Salem.

George Romero cutting his face at the VIP party

Bruce Davison, George Romero, and Malcolm McDowell.

Malcolm told me I could serve myself.

Remains of the Romero cake.

Me with Jeremy London of Mallrats.

the Batmobile makes another Monster Mania appearance.

the Back to the Future Delorean showed up.

George Romero signing my Night of the Living Dead poster. The wait was about 2.5 hours.

Me with George Romero, making his last Monster Mania appearance. I think it is questionable that he will be making many more convention appearances. Glad I was able to meet him.

Patty Mullen signing my original Kevin Spencer artwork.

Me with Patty Mullen of Penthouse, Frankenhooker, and Doom Asylum

Dave Sherican signing my Devil's Rejects poster
Me with Dave Sheridan of Devil's Rejects and Scary Movie.

Me with the awesome Dick Warlock, Michael Myers in Halloween II and stunt coordinator on countless awesome films.

Terry Kiser is a blast, funny guy. He signed my custom Friday the 13th poster, he was in Part 7.

Tracie Savage signing my Friday the 13th poster.

Me with Tracie Savage, Debbie in Friday the 13th Part 3.
Not everyday you see a Collector costume.

My sister with Sam Huntington of Being Human, Fanboys, Superman Returns. Thuis guy was having a genuine blast meeting people.

Sam Witwer signing my sister's Being Human poster. He also signed my Walking Dead poster, he was the Tank zombie in the first episode.

My sister with Sam Witwer.

Claire Coffee of Grimm signing a photo for my sister.

Me and my sister with Claire Coffee, enjoying her first ever convention.

Timothy Balme signing a Dead Alive picture for me.

Me with Timothy Balme of Dead Alive. Very cool guy!

Gary Busey signing a picture of himself dressed as a woman from Under Siege. He seemed to really get a kick out of it.

Me with Gary Busey. I mentioned liking his cameo on Scrubs and he reenacted the scene, but used a line different from what was in the episode.

Dave Hagan, Monster Mania mastermind.

George Romero at his Q&A.

George Romero taking pictures after his panel.

R2-D2 dressed as a ghost for the costume contest.

Baby Ash at the costume contest.

Claudia from Interview with the vampire.

Don't upset this clown.

Wish I had better pictures of them, these were great costumes.

This Female Cenobite was great, should have won.

The Scarecrow.

Remeber these guys from Sesame Street?

Freddy never shuts up.

Jason never says much.



You better run!

Me with Jessica Clark from True Blood.

Lori Petty from Tank Girl

With my sister and Sam Huntington with a message for my sister's friend.

At the Yorkie Auction where I won a ticket to see Goblin!

Me with Meaghan Rath, My experience has encouraged me to try watching Being Human.


That about wraps it up. If you get a chance you should defintiely check out Monster Mania.

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