May 22, 2013

Movie Review: Star Knight (El caballero del dragon)

Hey, Sci Fi Invasion challenge. You thought I forgot about you, didn't you? Nope, no such luck. Your plastic box housing untold hours of bad movies is still sitting there, teasing me. Well, here I am. I know it has been a little while since we have spent any quality time together. Heck, it's been a little while since I watched this movie, but I guess it doesn't really matter, it is not like the movie is any good anyway. I suspect this will not be a lengthy review, the movie doesn't really deserve it.

The latest movie to inflict itself upon my brain is a Spanish production that somehow made is way to American theaters. The movie is called Star Knight, or El caballero del dragon. Yes, that's right. But wait, it gets better, the movie stars Harvey Keitel as a medieval knight. You believe me, right? You can go and check, this page will still be ere when you get back. Probably.

The movie stars Keitel as a knight named Klever, he isn't very clever. He as a thing for Princess Alba (Maria Lamor). Unfortunately, her father, the king, has different ideas for her daughters romantic future. Then there is what the movie has in store for her. It is what the movie has in store for her that makes this movie belong in a science fiction box set despite being set in medieval times.


Early on the castle has a large shadow cast over it. The people believe they are being attacked by a dragon. It turns out that the dragon is an alien spacecraft and it has taken up residence beneath the surface of a nearby lake. Before long, the princess is kidnapped. However, before they. Are able to mount a search, she is returned and is professing her love for the alien she meets in the ship.

The alien is called IX (Miguel Bose), and that is not a Roman numeral, his name is pronounced eye-ex. He speaks to the princess in nothing it annoying whistles and he never opens his mouth. This leads to a challenge from Klever to win the hand of Princess Alba.

Nothing really interesting to be found. In fact much of it is kind of annoying. Keitel is pretty funny, sounds like a knight by way of New York City. He has an interesting way of delivering his lines and seems to e rather amused to be there in the first place, likely doing just enough to collect a paycheck. Klaus Kinski is also on board as some sort of wizard dude, frankly, I don't really remember what he did. Whatever, the movie doesn't leave much of an impact.

Maria Lamor is a rather annoying presence as the princess everybody seems to want. All she does for most of the movie is complain. This alien who loves her, and all she does is complain about his helmet and his armor. You would think there would be a bit more amazement about him being an alien, instead she wants constant proof of his love. Whatever.

Anyway, there really isn't anything to see here, unless you are a Kinski completist or curious about Keitel as a knight. It was co-written and directed by Fernando Colomo who has had a lengthy career as a writer, director, and actor in Spain, although it doesn't seem as if he as had much work crossover to the US outside of Star Knight.

Not Recommended.

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