April 14, 2013

Movie Review: Brain Twisters

Have you ever heard of a movie called Brain Twisters? No? Well, consider yourself among the lucky. However, if you ever find yourself unable to sleep and desperately need to get some rest, find a copy of this movie. It is guaranteed to put you out in no time flat. The movie has nothing to it and is populated with some of the dullest actors you are ever likely to see.

The movie was released back in 1991 when horror filmmakers were still trying to find a way to work computers into their plot. This was something already figured out for science fiction films, just look at WarGames. With the growing popularity of video games, there is always that fear of what they might be doing to our brains. Perhaps a little brainwashing, kind of like what happens when you play heavy metal backwards. I mean, we all know how dangerous that can be. Yes, I am kidding.

Brain Twisters tells the story of a creepily unassuming physics professor, Dr. Rothman (Terry Londeree) who also works for a idea game company. So, when he isn't teaching class he is strapping unassuming students into a deprivation chamber, hooked to electrodes, and forced to watch some lame computer created imagery. Whatever this is supposed to be doing is not working fast enough for his bosses who threaten to shut him down.

Well, people start dying, murdering, committing suicide, and the like (all in a PG-13, after school special fashion). Rothman hires Laurie (Farrah Forke), a student from his college class, to help with his work. Meanwhile, a police detective named Frank (Joe Lombardo) starts asking questions, investigating the death that seems to surround Rothman.

What is happening is whatever Rothman's experiment is doing to people's brains, is causing them to flip out and kill. While this is going on, both Rothman and Frank attempt to woo Laurie. One goes with spaghetti and the other goes with ice cream, either way you slice it, it is a little weird.

Anyway, with a few people dead, the end comes, the credits roll , and despite just being a few hours out from seeing it, I do not remember what happened at the end. It probably doesn't matter as nothing much of anything actually happens during the movie.

Brain Twisters is poorly written and plotted. Nothing really comes totter to make anything interesting. The characters are all just a little too nebulous, as if they were trying to be sneaky and forgot to put he substance in. Beyond that, the acting is just terrible and it is dressed up in terrible early 90's fashion. The funny thing is that I kind of liked Rothman, sure the dude playing him could not act a lick, but there is something in his voice and line delivery that is kind of fun. No, not really wort watching the movie for, but if for some reason you find you have to...

There really is nothing redeeming about this movie. It meanders, doesn't offer interesting kills or anything plot wise, and then it just ends. When the end mercifully comes, we are all better for it.

Not Recommended.

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