February 24, 2013

Just Oscar Guesses... for the Record

The Oscars are here and I figured I should probably get my guesses/predictions on the record before the show starts. I know most probably don't care, so feel free to skip to the next piece. Besides, I probably got them wrong.

Best Picture:
Winner - Argo
Want - Life of Pi or Django Unchained

Best Actor:
Winner - Daniel Day Lewis

Best Actress:
Winner - Jessica Chastain

Best Supporting Actor:
Winner - Christoph Waltz

Best Supporting Actress:
Winner - Anne Hathaway

Best Animated Feature:
Winner - Brave
Want - ParaNorman

Winner - Lincoln
Want - Django Unchained

Costume Design
Winner Anna Karenina

Winner - Steven Spielberg

Documentary Feature
Winner - The Invisible War

Documentary Short
Winner - Redemption

Film Editing
Winner - Argo
Want - Life of Pi

Foreign Language Film
Winner - Amour

Makeup and Hair Styling
Winner - Les Miserables

Music - Original Score
Winner - Argo
Want - Life of Pi

Music - Original Song
Winner - Skyfall

Production Design
Winner - Lincoln

Short Film - Animated
Winner- Paperman

Short Film - Live Action
Winner - Death of a Shadow

Sound Editing
Winner - Skyfall

Sound Mixing
Winner - Argo

Visual Effects
Winner - Prometheus

Writing - Adapted Screenplay
Winner - Argo

Writing - Original Screenplay
Winner - Django Unchained

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