November 1, 2012

Monster Mania 22 - August 2012

Another entertaining show meeting celebrities, talking to artists, and general fun. Look on for pictures!

Brian O'Halloran, Dante from Clerks

Carl Weathers of Predator, Rocky, and Action Jackson

Jamie Kennedy of Scream

The line for Jeffrey Demunn

Jeffrey Demunn of The Walking Dead, Shawshank Redemption

Steve Yuen of The Walking Dead

Madison Lintz of The Walking Dead

Emma Bell from The Walking Dead, Frozen, Final Destination 5

From the hotel room

The autograph room

Doug Bradley. Second time meeting the mighty Pinhead! I also met Ashley Lawrence, but she does not allow photographs due to an accident that damaged her eyes.

Barbie Wilde, the Female Cenobite in Hellraiser 2

Jason stalks his prey

A couple of cool costumes with Claire Higgins 
Watch out, Simon!

Nicholas Vince, Chatterer from Hellraiser

Joker costume

Bradley and Vince signing something.

Simon Bamford, Butterball from Hellraiser

Claire Higgins after signing my Brazilian Hellraiser poster

Claire Higgins, Julia from Hellraiser

Lou Davis, Cropsey from The Burning

Tom Savini, effects legend.Second time meeting him.

Replica of the Batmobile

Artist CJ Draden's table.

Grim Reaper!

Draden finishing a commissioned piece.

Some of Draden's prints

Zombie Gumby

Posing with the finished piece

Love Fright Rags

Jason still lurking

a pair of Myers

John Russo, writer of Night of the Living Dead

Bradley Gregg from Nightmare on Elm Street 3

Craig Sheffer of Nightbreed

Joey Lauren Adams, Chasing Amy and Big Daddy 
Norman Reedus signing my poster

Norman Reedus, The Walking Dead, Boondock Saints


Awesome puzzlebox replicas

Awesone handpainted Christmas ornaments.

Pyramid head returns

Quite possibly the best Jason ever

Hellraiser cast post QandA

Hellraiser cast post QandA

Claire Higgins playing with a snake

Ann Bobby from Nightbreed

Simon and Ann 

Barbie, Simon, and Claire

Jason takes his mask off

Anyone for a little Grindhouse?

Heeeeerrree's Freddy!

I swear he was following me.

Dueling Michaels

Great costume

Nancy Allen of RoboCop, Dressed to Kill, Blow Out

Somebody gave Savini a sword

Kevin Nash, the man is a mountain

Another Jason.

Rob Dimension better look out

Killer  Klown! 


Showdown of the century

If only I could stop laughing.... 

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