July 3, 2012

Movie Review: People Like Us

I remember when I first saw the trailer for People Like Us and thinking that it just looked stupid. I watched what was in the trailer and felt like I saw the whole movie save for the big reveal. If you have seen the trailer you know that the Chris Pine character learns he is the brother (half) to the Elizabeth Banks character but cannot tell her the truth. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, against better judgment, I went to see the movie and found myself annoyed the whole time. It is the sort of movie that could have been cleared up in five, maybe ten, minutes. Instead we have a manufactured excuses to string the audience along for the length of a movie, teasing the receiving character and making everyone else feel silly in the process.

As the story goes, fast talking salesman Sam (Pine) learns his father died. Now, his dad was a distant father wrapped up in his world as a big time music producer. There was no love lost between them. Well, dad leaves behind his shaving kit containing $150,000 and a note as o who to give it to. Being deep in debt, the money would be a big help and he is tempted to keep it. Instead, he finds sneaky ways to meet the recipient and learns of his father's other family.

Frankie (Banks) is the abandoned daughter and is a single mother. Sam and Frankie meet and become friends, this includes Sam becoming tight with her son. Anywhere else and his would have been supremely creepy. It is a situation where you have to wonder what Frankie is thinking. They never talk about why he is there and it is here where the audience realizes we are being strung along, if you hadn't noticed already.

Ugh. What makes everything even worse is that aside from being played from the outset, the characters are interestingly developed. There is a reason to be interested in them, how they got there, and where they are going. It's a shame they weren't in a better movie.

Seriously, this entire movie is based on him not telling her who he is, rather being a strange yet helpful stalker. It is just bad. To make matters worse, when the string is finally pulled, we are expected to get all weepy over their newly shared history.


Not Recommended.


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