July 15, 2012

Friday the 13th: Photo Gallery

Below you will find a selection of photos from the Friday the 13th shooting location trip that my friend, Brian, and I went on. Please see my full report with scene comparisons.

Around Blairstown:

Goofy in the arches.

Weirdo in the arches

These pillars are seen n either side of the walkway next to the bridge when Annie walks past.

This is on the main drag in Blairstown, same name as Friday the 13th Part V!

A couple pics from Camp No Be Bo Sco, can see glimpses of what played the role of Crystal Lake!

Millbrook Road:
This is the barn seen when Kevin Bacon drives by.

You can see this in he film when Kevin Bacon drives by, the filmed angle is obscured by trees now.

Moravian Cemetery:

Blairstown Diner:

Turkey Swamp Lake (final scene):

Trail that leads to the lake.

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