December 8, 2011

Eyes on Christmas: A Christmas Too Many

The first week of the Christmas marathon is chugging along, although it is starting to resemble my Halloween marathon. You see, I am not planning this out very well, scrounging for titles, looking for things I haven't seen before, in some cases anyway. Well, this latest viewing is a good example of my poor planning. This has to be one of the worst excuses for a Christmas movie ever, and considering some of the cast members, it certainly should have been at least modestly entertaining. It wasn't

Even with my broad definition of the Christmas movie, which allows me to include the one I watched just before this, Dead End, onto the list, this is a bad holiday themed movie. At the same time, it is the first one to truly center on a family celebrating the holiday.

What is it called? It is called A Christmas Too Many. It features such stars as Mickey Rooney and Clint Howard, plus a few others I recognize, but cannot remember their names. In the end it doesn't matter, this is a movie you want to avoid, not see, and dismiss with prejudice. It is a movie that even if you have not seen it, you should discourage anyone from seeing it or, more importantly, allowing anyone to inflict its awfulness upon you. I think the only thing this is good for is a bout of insomnia, it will put you out like a light.

Well, the movie centers on a family gathering to celebrate the holiday. They are us unlikable a bunch as you are likely to meet. Drunks, louts, plain annoying, and the inexplicable mafioso in the kitchen. They all come together with dirty mouths, ulterior motives, and severed digits. They annoy each other, pull a Weekend at Bernie's situation, and other stuff that I can scarcely remember and do not wish to inflict on you.

Seriously, I don't really want to write about this thing and I wish I had chosen better. Sure, I have seen worse movies, but this is just not good. It may be set around the holiday and be a family gathering, but there is certainly none of the spirit or joy.

Pass on this.

NOT Recommended.

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