November 29, 2011

Movie Review: Deep Space

It seems like just yesterday that Netflix was pulling a fast one on me, swapping in Alienator for Star Slammer. Sure, they are both Fred Olen Ray movies, but it was not just a simple retitling. Anyway, there I was, once again trolling for some should have been forgotten title to subject myself to, and what should I come across but another Fred Olen Ray flick. Granted, I did not know this until he credits rolled, but I probably should have known as it seemed to be along the same quality line as Alienator. Fortunately, this one was eminently more watchable.

This gem of a genre flick is called Deep Space, and that title is more than a little misleading. You see, there is nothing about this movie that involves deep space. I mean, it doesn't even take place in space save for the opening shot, there is no space involved at all. With that said, Deep Space is essentially an Alien rip off made to make a buck on a low budget. This is something that Ray seems rather adept at, churning out low budget genre fair to cash in on the direct to video market. I cold be wrong, but I am not aware of any theatrical runs for this movie.

As the tale opens, we see what looks like a message tube tumbling through space. Apparently it is a secret government experiment in bio weaponry hat was being conducted in space. I guess they thought I would be too dangerous to do down on the ground, although they don't seem to have thought it necessary to have any precautions for if it got away. Which it did and is crashing down to earth, but they don't know where it is going, even when it lands they have no idea. They know when it is active versus dormant. Wonderful bunch of men in white coats, I tell you.

Anyway, we get a cliche twofer with a pair of teens and a drunk witnessing the thing arrive. They head off to investigate with disastrous results. The teens find the big cockroach egg looking thing and are promptly ripped apart by tentacles, all witnessed by the drunk.

Without giving too much away, we are introduced to a couple of rebellious detectives, a rookie cop, their boss (Bo Svenson), and their investigation into what these egg things are. We are given the astute observation that it is organic material and is therefore alive (spot on that one). The big egg is dragged back to police headquarters for examination while the detectives each sneak away with smaller ones.

While we wait for the big reveal, our head detective, Mclemore (perennial tough guy Charles Napier) seduces the female rookie cop by playing the bagpipes. I tell you, the bagpipes don't get nearly the romantic respect they deserve. Back at the station the the big egg cracks open and reveals a rather Giger-esque creature who growls and snarls, kills the doctor and manages to get out of the station undetected.

The small eggs clue our hero in to what is going down and this leads to the big climactic showdown where we learn hat bullets don't help but chainsaws work mighty nice. Unfortunately, the streaming video was rather dark and mush of the detail of this last showdown is lost, aside the sounds and screams.

Seriously, this movie is pretty ridiculous. There is very light grasp on reality, evidenced by the actions of he entire cast, how no one seems to do what is logical. However, there is an infectious quality to the proceedings that makes It very easy to watch and even somewhat enjoyable. Some the stuff that happens just defies description. Besides the familiar cliches and the elements taken from Alien, there are some real groaners in the script. The military are more interested in berating the white coats, the white coats don't know much of anything, they can't even find it, despite knowing what state it is and being able to send commands to it (although it is organic), the detectives having their guns taken away but still expected to investigate cases, plus the previously mentioned bagpipes.

It is amazing it is as watchable as it is. I cannot say I really liked it, but it was fun to watch and I could probably be convinced to watch it again.

Mildly Recommended.

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