July 9, 2011

Movie Review: Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap

Whenever I take vacation I always take a look at the movies playing in NYC. specifically the theaters in Times Square because I know how to get to them. I look for movies that aren't playing locally that look interesting. This time around I came across Bbuddah Hoga Terra Baap. I have never seen an actual Bollywood production and have been curious. I looked up the trailer and while I had no idea what was being said, i thought it looked pretty entertaining. So, off I went.

I got my ticket and went up a seemingly endless procession of escalators with a nice big bottle of water (it is important to stay hydrated, it was really hot out). I sat down in the sparsely populated theater and readied myself for am new cinematic experience.

The first thing on the screen was an Indian commercial for Electrolux, one of the films sponsors, followed by a trailer for an action film coming later in the month. Each one, along with the main feature, was accompanied by a licensing card. Additionally, the film was preceded by a warning against smoking and drinking, both of which are in the movie.

You probably want me to get to the movie already. This is where the fun real fun begins. You see, the movie was not subtitled. Now, not understanding Hindi, this presents a problem as you can imagine. I had a decision to make, leave or say and try to enjoy it. Always up for a new movie experience, and already settled into my seat, I decided to stay.

Was I able to entirely enjoy the movie? Of course not, but I did get enough out of it to farmer some enjoyment.

The movie stars Amitabh Bachchan, who I have learned gained a good deal of fame in the 1970's as the angry young man in a number of action movies. Now 69 he plays the role as an angry old man. His character is a retired hit man who has returned to India for one last job. One of the local crime bosses (Prakash Raj) is looking to eliminate a nosy inspector (Sonu Sood).

Sounds pretty straightforward. Well, there are also romantic entanglements which cause some issues on both sides. There are shootouts, comedic situations and one big song and dance number.

There was he random line in English, although I do no know why, but other Han that, I had to rely on the action to tell the story. While I did get the gist of it, I did not get any of the nuance or spoken comedy. It was no exactly an ideal situation, but I liked it more than I didn't.

The movie encompasses all manner of tones. Action, comedy, romance, musical, melodrama, all bases are covered. Additionally there is some nice camerawork as the cameras will circle the characters adding to the style. There is also plenty of slow motion and lots of bright colors on display.

It is unlike any other experience I have had, but I cannot really give this a rating as there is a lot I did not get, but I can recommend the experience if you have the opportunity. I do no suspect his is a great movie, but I does seem like a lot of fun.


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