May 14, 2011

Music Review: Jag Panzer - The Scourge of the Light

The Scourge of LightThere is nothing like a big slab of heavy metal. You know what I'm saying? Sure you do anyone who likes metal in any of is forms can attest to the pure joy that only pure metal can provide. Forget core and scene bands, this is all about heavy riffs, driving drums, arena filling vocals, and the urge to put your fist in the air and yell until your lungs are hoarse. That is exactly what Jag Panzer provides, one of the original American power metal acts has returned with their first offering since 2004's Casting the Stones. The Scourge of the Light is a record you will want to get your hands on.

I don't know about you, but I do think I need to acquaint myself with more of Jag Panzer's back catalog. I must admit that the only other album I have heard from these guys is 2000's Thane to the Throne, their concept album based on Shakespeare's Macbeth. That was a really good album that I have not listened to in some time.

The Scourge of the Light is a big booming slab of metal with some thunderous riffs, screaming leads, a rock solid rhythm and some fantastic first rate metal vocals. Frankly, I am not sure where to begin. This is metal in the tradition of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest blended With more recent metal titans like Iced Earth and Nevermore.

From "Condemned to Fight" to "Bringing on the End" to "Burn" and "The Book of Kells," this record covers all ground. This is metal, metal, metal, pure and simple. I hesitate to call it one of the best, my experience is too limited to step into that hyperbolic speech, but it is certainly one of the best examples of power metal I have heard in some time.

The band has survived he loss of guitarist extraordinaire Chris Broderick, who left o replace Glen Drover in Megadeth, by reunion with former axeman Chris Lesague, who was with the band in the 1980's. Now, I cannot quite say he is Broderick's equal, but he is certainly up to the task of laying down ripping solos and riffs alongside founding guitarist Mark Briody.

While the guitars certainy are noteworthy, one must stand and recognize the vocal prowess of Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin. The man simultaneously wraps up the best elements of the greats in metal vocalists while also being his own artist. The man has range, power, and emotion. This would be a good guy to follow if you want to know how it's done right.

This is a near perfect power metal release that deserves your attention and your love. Do yourself a favor check out a band whose lineage can be traced back to he golden ages and an album whose style is pure.

Ladies and gentleman, this is metal.

Highly Recommended.

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