March 11, 2011

Music Review: DOTMA - Sleep Paralyses

Hailing from Finland, DOTMA bring us another dose of female fronted gothic/operatic/symphonic/power metal. It is not a new style, but it is one that can soar high with aching beauty and inject some big emotional elements that take the listener on an epic journey. Unfortunately, DOTMA, while definitely knowing how to play, fail to bring anything new to the table. While I do not necessarily require music to bring something new, I do expect something interesting be brought. DOTMA doesn't do that. In fact, I felt bored at times.

Don't get me wrong, Sleep Paralyses is not really a bad album even when threatening to induce sleep Paralyses, DOTMA play some good music. It is not like they are not trying to make good music. I cannot quite say what I was expecting from them when I first pressed play. I had never heard of them before, much less actually heard them. With "Legend of Blackbird" I thought I was going to like it. It was a decent opener, but it never really went anywhere after that.

DOTMA is soft, mid-tempo power metal. It is a crossover area that, while not being mainstream, can bring in a diverse crowd. It has the obvious metal draw, but there are tendrils into classical and opera, and even rock fans, or those looking to expand their musical net. It is good, it is also safe when it doesn't have to be. In some ways I do kind of dig this record, but it just stays right down the middle too much.

I kept waiting for Sleep Paralyses to kick in. There were a few moments that sounded like the band was going to take it to the next level, but ultimately keep it all right down the middle. It is a lot like this review. As I search for words to get this review to kick in, I keep coming back to the same meandering stuff. I guess this is what happens when the music fails to inspire.

There is no doubt there is talent here. They are very tight and the music comes off precise and sharp and the rhythms are catchy enough to get involved in, but man, after a few songs I was just bored and ready for something else.

Not Recommended.

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Unknown said...

Disagree with your review, I think these guys have a proposal and we will be hearing more from there in the next few years.

Anyway, nice site.

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