February 24, 2011

Oscar 2011: Predictions, Picks, and Wishes

Last year I did in depth columns on all the categories. I enjoyed doing it, but I just did not have the time this year. This Year, I am going to do it the easy way. I will present you with each category followed by a clip/trailer of my pick to win, who I want to win, and where applicable of a film I feel should have been nominated in that category (not necessarily who I would choose to win, but would have wanted nominated). Sound Good? Of course it does. Granted, I don't know anyone interested in my picks, but here they are for posterity. (sorry for the repetitious Inception clips, most had embedding disabled)

Best Picture:

Winner: The King's Speech

My Pick: Black Swan

Overlooked: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Actor in a Leading Role:

Winner: Colin Firth

My Pick: Jeff Bridges

Overlooked: Ryan Reynolds

Actor in a Supporting Role:

Winner/My Pick: Christian Bale

Overlooked: Vincent Cassel

Actress in a Leading Role:

Winner/My Pick: Natalie Portman

Overlooked: Noomi Rapace (not sure of eligibility)

Actress in a Supporting Role:

Winner: Melissa Leo

My Pick: Hailee Steinfeld

Overlooked: Chloe Moretz

Animated Feature Film:

Winner/My Pick: Toy Story 3

Art Direction:

Winner: The King's Speech

My Pick: Inception

Overlooked: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Winner: The Social Network

My Pick: Inception

Overlooked: Shutter Island

Costume Design:

Winner/My Pick: Alice in Wonderland

Overlooked: Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


Winner: Tom Hooper

My Pick: Darren Aronofsky

Overlooked: Edgar Wright

Documentary Feature: I have not seen enough of these or docs in general to make a real guess... but:

My Pick: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Documentary Short Subject: I have seen none of these.

My Pick: The Warriors of Quigang

Film Editing:

Winner: The Social Network

My Pick: Black Swan

Overlooked: Inception

Foreign Language Film: I haven't seen any of these, I am a bad person.

Winner: Biutiful

My Pick: Dogtooth


Winner/My Pick: The Wolfman

Music (Original Score):

Winner/My Pick: Inception

Overlooked: Frozen

Music (Original Song):

Winner: "We Belong Together" Toy Story 3

My Pick: "I See the Light" Tangled

Short Film (Animated): Only seen one of these.

Winner: Madagascar,  carnet de voyage

My Pick: Day and Night

Short Film (Live Action): Have seen none of these.

Winner: The Confession

Sound Editing: 

My Pick/Winner: Inception

Sound Mixing:

My Pick/Winner: Inception

Visual Effects:

Winner/My Pick: Inception

Writing (Adapted Screenplay):

Winner/My Pick: The Social Network

Overlooked: Never Let Me Go

Writing (Original Screenplay):

Winner: The King's Speech

My Pick: Inception

Overlooked: Black Swan

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