February 23, 2011

Music Review: Full Blown Chaos - Full Blown Chaos

Full Blown Chaos is one of those bands that I swear I have heard before. The name rings so familiar and I just know they have been around for awhile, but for the life of me I cannot place them. Perhaps I have just seen the name so many times I have convinced myself I know them. Whatever the case may be, I have to consider their latest release, the cleverly titled Full Blown Chaos, my first official introduction to the band. It is a decent one, if not a terribly exciting one.

When I first started listening to the album I have to admit I really got into it. The album is full of heavy, chunky, in your face riffing that certainly inspire a heavy duty pit stomp. It chugs and surges its way forward with the occasional break for a melodic solo. The rhythm section ensures that the pace keeps its forward motion while the aggressively barked vocals go right along with the heavy riffing.

The problem is that I kept listening to it. Yes, I am still into it, but the more I hear it the more I don't really care. It has the right elements to keep me coming back when I need something heavy to play but not when I really want to listen. Does that make sense? It makes me want to rock my head but it fails to engage me in a way that, say, Killswitch Engage or Hatebreed does. The funny thing is that I am reminded of both of those bands when listening to Full Blown Chaos.

The music is metalcore that leans heavily to the hardcore side of the equation. The solos and melodic portions are the moments that most betray their hardcore tendencies, but that is not a bad thing, it does bring a little bit of variety to the proceedings. There is a strong feeling of New York-style hardcore. The vocal delivery is where I get that feeling the most.

From start to finish the album is relentless. It does not break any new ground that others have not well mined before them, not does it feel all that well executed. It is what it is. Heavy music that will certainly play well to a live crowd but fails to ignite thoughts of its longevity. I don't know. As much as I like the heavy riffs there are other bands and other albums I would reach to before this.

Full Blown Chaos fails to live up to its name here. It is not nearly as chaotic as it could be, or are they referring to the crowds of live fans? That is just a minor nit. This album is quite heavy and is enjoyable on a certain base level, I just don't think it aspires to more and while the pure execution is fine, it just doesn't quite get me. Rather than inviting, fresh and heavy, it is bland.

Not Recommended.

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