February 10, 2011

Music Review: Bloodshot - Murder the World

This Belgium based powerhouse know how to deliver pure aggression. These guys are flat out heavy and their goal is clearly to kick in a few skulls whenever they can. To be honest, before the press release landed in my in box I had never heard of Bloodshot. It appears they have been around since 1999 and this album was originally released in Europe in 2008. Now it is 2011 and it can make its way across the pond for a State-side release. I have to say I thin it may have been worth the wait.

Bloodshot is not a band that is going to blow you away with originality. They are not going to set the world on fire with their incredible fret mastery. Do not expect your musical world be turned upside down. Frankly, there is probably a portion f you who will be bored by this. If you are one of those, please relax a little bit and unclench. I have learned many times over that not everything needs to be he next best thing. It is all right if the artist executes their chosen genre well. It is all right to like it. Trust me.

Murder the World is a solid dosing of hardcore with metal influences. Brutal heaviness, slow chugging riffs, moments of thrashy speed, and a never ending supply of brutal aggression. Throw on a torn t-shirt, some well worn jeans and work boots, finish with a sneer and get stomping into the pit.

In many ways these guys remind me of Hatebreed. They have that definite hardcore base and attitude combined with elements of metal blended together in a balance that works to their advantage and should play well to both crowds.

The album does get a little repetitive after awhile. There is very little in the way of variety from song to song. Murder the World has a mid-tempo flow that carries it through from start to finish that makes it a little difficult at times to tell what song you are listening to. Fortunately, the raw guitars and their heay riffs make up for it by keeping my non-thinking brain from thinking about it too much while it is going on.

So, if you are looking for something heavy to listen to, this will more than fill the bill. Clench you fist, punch play, and get to pounding the ground.


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