February 8, 2011

Movie Review: Dolly Dearest

Unleashed in 1992, Dolly Dearest is a Child's Play knock off that has none of the wit, scares, or fun that any of the three Chucky movies had provided at that point in time. Dolly Dearest is a dull, frightless feature that challenges nothing but your desire to sleep. So far as the killer doll subset of horror films go, this is definitely one that is worth skipping.

It follows the Wade family who are moving to Mexico to take over an old doll factory where Daddy Wade (Sam Bottoms) plans on making the most beautiful doll in the world that all he little girls are going to want. Well, those plans change when he discovers a number of horrifying little dolls already there and in mint condition. Now, you know there has to be a catch, right? Right.

The factory is right next door to a Mayan archaeological dig that houses the tomb of a Sanzia, a demon spirit. Of course, as luck would have it, a seal has already been broken and the doll is possessed by a demonic spirit that. The doll is now in the possession of young Jessie Wade who has gone from precocious youth to Satan loving pain in the ass and terror to Hispanic people everywhere.

The "story" progresses, the doll becomes more active, Jessie more evil, and a lot of nothing else. No one really seems to do anything. Rip Torn shows up to play a Mexican archaeologist who is an exposition machine. All while more of nothing happens.

The parents are the most clueless duo you are ever likely to come across. They never seem to be doing anything. They are always in search of their kids and they do not seem to notice any warning signs tat something may be wrong. These signs include a sudden nasty streak in Jessie and her occasionally talking in a demonic voice. Why don't they ever wake up? You'd think that mommy (Denise Crosby) would figure something out and stop letting them walk all over her. The kids are no better, aside from Jessie's obvious issues, the son is a know-it-all wiseass that could use a good smacking.

However, when it comes right down to it, this movie is hardly worth discussing. There is nothing deep to look for here. It is goofy, stupid, and campy, and not in a good way. There is very little gore to go along with the lack of story. If you want to watch bratty kids and a boring killer doll, this is for you. Otherwise, I suggest you look for your killer doll fix elsewhere.

Not Recommended.

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