January 20, 2011

Music Review: Eradicate - Demo Tracks

Recently I was approached about checking out some demo recordings from a local metal act called Eradicate. Always on the lookout for new metal, and being a supporter of the local scene, I agreed. I since come into possession of a pair of demo recordings from the band and I have to say that while they are not great, they are more than solid and show a band that clearly has the talent to succeed.

Eradicate is a straight forward metal band whose singular goal would appear to be to destroy ear drums, wreck stages, and make sure you leave pit bloodied and beaten. In a way, they are not unlike another local metal behemoth, Assault. Now there is a twin bill that you should definitely expect some damage at!

As much as I love checking out local acts I must admit to not doing it nearly as often as I would like or should, and more often than not I am checking out the not quite so brutal rock/metal stylings of bands like Audible Thought (when they're around! (oh relax, guys, I'm only kidding)). However, the metal bands are nothing to sneeze at, like th previously mentioned Assault, Desdemon, and a few others that are escaping my memory.

In any case, the pair of tracks I have in my possession are solid, if not spectacular examples of straight up metal. There is no -core/scene style sounds to be found anywhere near these riffs. Heavy riffs, speedy lead runs, drums that push everything forward, and growling vocals place there sound right in the pantheon of thrash/death metal that has been going strong for decades.

Eradicate demonstrate a skill and focused desire on "Burn for Your Lies" and "God Only Knows." It is not the best stuff I have ever heard, but they do have a sound that could develop into one instantly recognizable as them. They are raw and immediate and a little unfocused. I like it, but could like it better with some time.

I think one of the things that would help them is a tighter production quality. Yes, I know that is unfair, they are a local act with no label and it is not cheap to get demos made. Still, I hear a lot of things that I like, the riffs, some of the double bass work, and there is this cool slide thing they do on the guitar during "Burn for Your Lies" that I like a lot, but I would like to hear it better. I also suspect they could be a dynamic live act. Cut loose with the heavy live and you can win a lot of good will.

Yes, Eradicate has a couple of good tunes on their hands. Not a trailblazing sort of band, but one that certainly knows what path they are on. Nowhere to go but up. Remember to support local, you don't know when you may be listening to the next major.

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Anonymous said...

The Demo was actually thrown together in 1 day,to get a rough version out before the Misfits show, which explains the crappy production.

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