January 13, 2011

First Shot of Garfield in the Spidey Suit

This new Spider-Man movie is really beginning to feel like it is really happening. I know we have all known about it for some time, but the arrival of the early stills have driven the fact home that the Raimi/Maguire era is over and the Webb/Garfield era is beginning. This first still of the suit is an interesting one and one that makes me think more and more that Andrew Garfield was the right casting.

After playing roles in critically acclaimed films like The Social Network and Never Let Me Go, he is stepping away from dramas and into a big budget Hollywood franchise role in this reboot. We have already seen some set photos of Garfield and Emma Stone (playing Gwen Stacy) and they were good, but this is the one that is going to go a lot further towards sealing the deal. The costume is a big part of the Spider-Man character and it has to be right in order to work, you know? We don't want another nipples on the Bat-suit situation.

So, I have to say that Garfield certainly looks the part, perhaps even better than Tobey Maguire, ho I thought did a fine job inhabiting the character. Garfield is considerably leaner and this image makes him look more like the Spider-Man on the comic page, lean and agile looking.

I do like the look of the suit. The material does not appear to be the usual spandex look, which is a good thing (spandex can look a little silly). This mesh-type material looks right for a realistic suit. There is also a lack of a belt or belt-like line. The blue of the side panels encroaches more across the body aiding in that lean profile, with the red from the chest running all the way down the torso.

You will also notice (look closely) that there is something protruding inside the wrists. Could the be going back to mechanical web shooters? This would be a change from the last film iteration which went organic.

What do you think?


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