January 13, 2011

Chris Evans in Full Captain America Gear

Lots of photos coming out for 2011 films of late. One of them finally shows us Chris Evans in his full Captain America garb and I have to say that I think I like it. From the moment the film was announced I was interested, but the key was going to be the costume. Admit it, what works in the comic for the character would look pretty silly in live action.

Chris Evans got the nod, apparently without even auditioning, and I was curious but skeptical. I thought he made a great Human Torch but was not sold on him being able to play the more serious tone that Cap would require. Besides, there seems to be a lot of guys playing multiple heroes of late (like Ryan Reynolds). Then I saw The Losers and while Evans was still jokey in the role, there was something there that convinced me he could do it.

As for the costume? I like it. It appears the movie will at least partially be a period piece. I like the patriotic, but slightly understated look of the costume. The helmet looks good (complete with wings) and the rest of the suit works as it isn't a spandexy sort of thing. Hard to quite put the thoughts into words, but it just looks good for a live action rendition of the red, white, and blue outfit. Also, I like the shield.

What do you think?

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