December 11, 2010

Music Review: Infernaeron - Genesis to Nemesis

Flordian death metallers Infernaeon are here with their sophomore effort. It is a concept album that looks at Bible stories from a historical perspective. To that end they have chosen song titles to reflect that like "Legacy of Kane," "The Scar of David," and "Immaculate Deception." Also in the track list is a cover of Metallica's "Creeping Death," which seems to fit in quite nicely with their chosen theme. Hmm, I wonder which side of the coin they fall on? For the curious they believe in Spiritual Satanism, what that means exactly, I am not sure. Whatever their beliefs may entail, they certainly know their way around their instruments.

Following a keyboard and synth fueled instrumental opener, "Into the N.O.X.," it is full speed ahead with "Fist of the Fallen." While the band is definitely a death metal one, there are some interesting touches that help make this an interesting release and more than just another blast of death. For one, Brian Werner's voice is pretty unique and gives them a bit more of a blackened death sound with perhaps a touch of thrash. Well, it is not just the vocals that do that but the heavy riffing guitars and the solo runs bring some blackened feelings with the technical approach. There is also the use of keyboards that add a little symphonic style. None of it pulls it too far away from death, but they do add some interesting flavors.

The album is not exactly great, but there is enough variation to keep you interested. Not to mention there is definite skill on display that will encourage you to keep your eyes on what they may come out with next. I would love to see the keyboards play a bigger part. I really like what they bring to the table and enhance the melodic tendencies in their sound.

Infernaeon, in addition to turning in some solid music, lured in some solid special guest appearances for Genesis to Nemesis. The most notable being Hate Eternal's Erik Rutan on "Legacy of Kain" and my favorite, Oderus Urungus from GWAR on the Metallica cover "Creeping Death." The latter being a rather interesting cover song that uses keyboards to make the song a bit more epic and blend with the rest of the album. Also, the trading of lines creates an interesting dynamic and then the purely evil sounding chant of "Die! Die! Die!" is, well, to die for! Not a perfect cover but I am glad to see they put their own spin on it.

The further into the album I get, the  more I seem to like it. I say seem as the add-on flavors that make the album interesting also make me wonder what direction they want to go in. For example, the keyboard-centered intro would make you believe they would play a bigger part, but they are relegated primarily to atmosphere.

I don't know. I am left somewhat confused as I like a bunch of what I hear but question the ability make me really love it. Perhaps it is the subject matter, despite my inability to understand the lyrics, could the knowledge and the conflict with my own beliefs subconsciously be having an affect on my enjoyment? I guess anything is possible. In the end, there is more here to like than dislike and I can recommend it to fans of the genre.


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