December 5, 2010

Concert Review: The World of Webs Tour - Twiztid, Blaze, DJ Clay, and More (Poughkeepsie, NY 12/4/10)

photoAs many of you who know me know, I am not exactly the biggest fan of rap or hip hop. I am not against it, it is just not my cup of tea and my knowledge can be called severely lacking. That said, I am a pretty big fan of the Psychopathic Family, you know, Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Anybody Killa, and the rest. So, when I saw that Twiztid was going to be rolling into town, there was no doubt that I was going to be in attendance. No doubt. This was a must see strengthened by Twiztid's incredible recent album, Heartbroken & Homicidal.

In any case, I got my ticket and made plans to meet up for the show. We got there as the Juggalos, many in full paint, were getting in line. It was real cold out. Well, I've waited outside for colder, but it has definitely been awhile since I subjected myself to a freezing concert line. Too long, perhaps.

As we got inside, the show had already started. The Fallen Son was onstage doing their thing. A friend had mentioned them to me before, but this was my first experience. They are local boys, which is always cool to see with the national tours. They are good, the DJ showed off some scratching skills and the three vocalists offered up different styles so it never got stale. The one thing I couldn't quite figure out was the use of silly string and hand fulls of glitter. Whatever, the crowd seemed to like it and it added a little flair to their performance. These are some guys to keep an eye on as they definitely know how to have a good time.


Following that solid start, which the crowd loved, came a rock act called the Mic Lordz. I guess the best description could be a Rage Against the Machine meets Red Hot Chili Peppers kind of vibe. It is the nu-metal approach which really isn't in vogue these days, but this band pulls it together. They are technically sound and have very good guitar and bass players. They feature two vocalists who know how to work the stage. These guys are just a lot of fun and a lot better than the nu-metal tag would seem to suggest. They have skills and if you have a chance to see them, do so.


With those first two warm up acts out of the way it was time for the real show to begin. The Juggalos were restless, anxious and ready to explode. My friends and I were all set for some Psychopathic freshness, you know what I'm saying?

DJ Clay took the stage with a simple stand with his DJ equipment, a mic and a few lights. The first cut spun was ICP's "Chicken Huntin'" with its instantly recognizable guitar chords. He would go with other ICP and Twiztid cuts along with a peak at his forthcoming mixxtape Book of the Wicked Part 2. His set even came complete with some sort of short or something that put a few minute gap in the middle. Not sure what happened there. Still, this went a long way to getting my throat warmed up.


Next up was Blaze Ya Dead Homie who came out all guns blazing with "Shotgun." Blaze always turns in solid work with his underground gangsta sound. No need for a set, he comes out with his hat cocked to the side, trademark facepaint, and clock hanging around his neck. His set included a lot of old school cuts like "Casket," "Nasty," "Juggalo Anthem," and "Hood Ratz." Other tracks included "Stick Your Hands Up," "Blaze Up," "Toe Tagz 'n Body Bagz," as well as cuts off his latest Gang Rags release including "Deadman Walking," "Ridin' the Whip," and "Damn Bitch."

This guy is always worth seeing and his albums always deliver, with this latest one being really good. Crowd loved it, my friends and I loved it and we could not wait for Twiztid.


Now, before Twiztid came out we were treated to another session from DJ Clay. Old classics, sneak peeks, and a special appearance. That appearance was the guitar player from Mic Lordz who also beatboxes. He joined DJ Clay for a nice little scratch off. Not quite sure how to review it other than to say I enjoyed it.

Just past 11 and it was time for Twiztid to hit the stage, one of my number headed into the pit while the rest of us stayed back to watch from a safe distance. The lights went down, the plastic hiding the set was removed, the strobes hit and there they were on the stage, Jamie Madrox and Monoxide Child. The beats were loud, the crowd was loud, and my throat was well on its way towards hoarseness (especially after Blaze), along with my stomach muscles getting tight as I screamed and rapped along with the words that I knew.

New stuff, old stuff, in between stuff, they covered their entire careers. Songs included "Mutant X," "We Don't Die," "Afraid of Me," " Hom-Sha-Bom," "P.S.A.," "Bussyourheadopen" with Blaze, "Story of Our Lives," "Rock the Dead," "Diemuthafuckadie!," "Krossroads Inn," "Hahahahahaha," and set closer "Renditions of Reality."

They were on point. Loved the show. These guys are no joke and easily the most talented rappers on the label. They know how to work the stage and they had the crowd eating out of their hand. Great looking set,  lots of energy, plenty of lights. They definitely left us wanting more as they broke into some kinda gross comedic banter to close the set before leaving the stage. Man I would have loved some more. My one disappointment is that they didn't do "Spiderwebs" and very little from Heartbroken & Homicidal for that matter. Still, loved the night and the next day (today as I write this) I am still experiencing some severe body aches from moving this fat body around and singing along.


It was worth it.

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Liam Judge said...

Great Review!

Paul baker said...

This review brought on a wave of cold chills, As I read it Images and feelings from the Show Dec. 15th came flooding back... very nice review.

Anonymous said...

it was an awesome show but i didnt like the venue , thought it was too small for such a big act to play there

Olivia said...

this was a great review of the show. Absolutely how i remembered it. Every Twiztid show i go to leaves me anxious for the next. Nothing touches them at The Gathering, but seeing them in general is always a great experience! Definitely the best duo on the Psychopathic label!!

Red0911 said...

Twiztid is definitely the most talented on the Psychopathic label. They have way surpassed ICP. They just keep getting better and better. Keep Rockin' you magical murdering fools!!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely agree. I wish they would have performed more from Heartbroken and Homicidal, especially Spiderwebs, at the Grand Rapids show. They are definately the most talented on the label and each CD they put out is better than the last.

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