November 17, 2010

Concert Review: Bob Dylan at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center (11/16/10)

Considering my knowledge and experience with Bob Dylan, I am the last person who should be writing about him. This is funny considering this is the third time I have done so. The first was back in August of 2004, just a few months after beginning this site. My father and I went to see Dylan and Willie Nelson on their tour of minor league baseball stadiums. It was an incredible experience and something I never thought I would experience. Two years later Dylan again came through and played the same stadium. My father and I again attended and had a great time. Now it is four years later and I am once again honored to be in the presence of music royalty.

As you can probably guess with my extremely limited. This being true, there were only two songs that I recognized during his set. Those songs were "Thunder on the Mountain" and "Like a Rolling Stone." Now having seen the set list, there are a couple others I know but did not recognize live.

I apologize for this. Perhaps someday I will be able to speak a bit more intelligently, but until then I can only be me. Fortunately, this me loved the show and does nothing but add to my respect for the man. Sure, he sounds different than he did in decades past, that is to be expected. Sure, his voice is a bit of a nightly question mark (from what I have read about for past tours). Regardless, he has always sounded great to me, not always intelligible, but always uniquely Dylan.


The show shortly after 8:00 and the moment the music started I knew it was going to be a good night. Yes, I already knew it was but there is always a bit of anticipation leading up to the start of the show. All of those seated in the nearly sold out venue immediately rose to their feet as the lights dimmed. We remained that way for almost the entire show. I cannot think of why anyone would want to be stuck to a seat with what was happening up on stage.

As I stood there watching Dylan practice his craft I could not help but marvel about the way this man has kept going for so long. He disappears, reappears, and reinvents himself as needed while always displaying a great deal of integrity and a dedication to his craft. I felt that I was in the presence of a true artist. Dylan is more than a musician, what he has done for the art is immeasurable. There is something truly special about witnessing him perform and I cannot recommend it enough.

As for the show, each song was accompanied with a different image/pattern on the curtain behind the stage, culminating with a live video projection of the band which was just phenomenal. There was no small talk, no banter, the band was all business. Each song ended with the lights going out to lead into the next song.


I am really not sure what else to say. Well, I guess I could say that as great as the show was, I actually prefer both of the outdoor shows more, there is something about those summer nights under the stars with Dylan playing to a crowd of 6,000 strong. With that said, I would not trade this for anything.

Set List:
  1. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat
  2. This Wheel's On Fire
  3. Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
  4. Just Like A Woman
  5. Beyond Here Lies Nothin'
  6. Simple Twist Of Fate
  7. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
  8. Visions Of Johanna
  9. Honest With Me
  10. Masters Of War
  11. Summer Days
  12. Nettie Moore
  13. Thunder On The Mountain
  14. Ballad Of A Thin Man
  1. Jolene
  2. Like A Rolling Stone

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oh mercy said...

What a nice review. It sounds like you had a great time and really "got it" about going to see Dylan- I know what you mean- it is always amazing to see him---an artist with no peer and so much more.

Oh Kind Miss said...

I was there too. It was a great concert and I had a great time. I have seen Dylan about 20 times in the past 5 years plus several concerts a long time ago and I never cease to be amazed and impressed how he still travels the world to bring the magic of his music to whoever is willing to listen. I was not that thrilled with the Poughkeepsie venue. I was at the Washington concert last Saturday and liked that venue better. But that did not detract from the music of Tuesday night. I will be going to the MGM Grand on the 27th and am looking forward to that concert since I have been there before and the venue and the sound system are extremely great. You sound like a young Bobfan and that is wonderful. One thing about Bob Dylan concerts is that despite his longevity in the music world his fans are always a mix of multitudinous ages. A very special musical troubadour.

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