October 21, 2010

Hey, Paranormal Activity 2, I HATE Your Trailer

That's right, I said it. When your predecessor came out last year I was a big supporter of what you brought to the table. You were the little movie that could. You succeeded where others have failed.Your minimalist aesthetic proved to be supremely creepy and your slow burn build was atmospheric and unsettling. Sure, you had, and have, your haters but I am still here at your side. However, this trailer you have been feeding us week after week in theaters is testing my patience. In short, I want to see the movie but I hate, hate, hate the trailer.

First off, you spoil the first film for the many who have not seen it by giving away the final moments. That is a strike. Secondly, you amp up the sounds to essentially force people to jump. I don't really appreciate that. I learned a long time ago that even when I know it is coming my physical being is susceptible to reacting to those jump scare moments even when they don't deserve them. Lastly, the promotion seems too dependent on last year and less on selling this movie.

I am so happy that the movie is just about to open. That means I can finally see if it lives up to my thoughts of the first one. However, more importantly, I will not have to see that damnable trailer any more.

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