October 30, 2010

Frankenstein's Fortress in Stanfordville, NY is a Must See for Halloween.

Unfortunately, this is its last night of the season. Fortunately, it will be back again next season with some new additions. Might I suggest that if you are up to it that you make the trip out to visit Frankenstein's Fortress. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

The attraction has been running and growing for the past thirteen years, and from what I have been told, keeps getting better. This was my first trip out there and it will certainly not be my last.

I will come right out and say it is the best one I have ever been to, but that really isn't saying much. For as much as I love the horrors that come with the Halloween season, when it comes to actually getting out and doing any costumed celebrations, I tend to fall on the boring side. Lately I have taken to sitting in my room watching horror movies. It has to have been more than a decade since I last set foot in one. I know, I know.

In any case, I journeyed north to Stanfordville, NY, where I had been told this excellent attraction stood. Thousands come each year from all around to walk its grounds and scream to their hearts content. I arrived there and even before I got out of my car I could hear the screams in the distance. Good sign.

I walked across the street and walked towards the entrance sign. The path was completely black, no lights, nothing. The path went over a bridge and down another path with a few trussed up skeletons along the way before getting to the ticket booth. Once obtaining a ticket, we were directed down another dark and winding path. Headstones and thick roots line the path which leads across a bridge and past a landlocked pirate ship, leading to the waiting line where groups are taken in by Grim Reaper-like guides. While waiting, a demonic clown makes friends with the young before giving them a good scream while making sure no one enters his home. There is also a man in an ancient school bus offering roadkill to guests (beware of this one!).

Now, I do not want to give away what happens next, but  have to tell you it is fantastic journey. The house is populated with all manner of ghouls, witches, demons, and creeps of all ages. They are wandering aimlessly around, or popping out from behind walls and curtains. They confront you and warn you of what is to come. The younger ones beg to be saved or tell you to turn back.

I had an absolute blast jumping from the surprises, getting creeped out by the moaning kids and taking in all of the detail that has gone into the creation of Frankenstein's Fortress. It is absolutely amazing what has been done to make this what it is. The Fortress is the brain child of Peter Wing, who has crafted and designed this annual attraction using recycled materials, scraps, and whatever else he can find. The result is a unique experience that you are not likely to find anywhere else.

Now, the design of the house is one thing, and it is spectacular. The other thing is he cast. The house has a great flow from one location to the next. The other mansions I have been to are more like skits as you move from room to room. This has a more consistent feel that added to the creepy atmosphere. It is something like community theater with a cast that seems endless, it had to top 100 people. Wherever you went you would find creeps, ghouls, witches, heads, and prisoners sitting along the walls, standing as still as statures waiting to jump, popping out of everywhere, and even following right behind the last of your group inducing a little paranoia.

Yes, it is all in good fun, but you can tell that everyone involved is 100% involved. Not once did any of them act out of character, no matter what age they were. Feel free to respond to them, they will react and this will respond in kind offering a different experience each time. The costumes and make up were all fantastic.

I am not sure what else to say. I loved Frankenstein's Fortress and am sad it is the last night as you and I will have to wait until next year to experience it again.

Visit the site: Frankenstein's Fortress.

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