October 25, 2010

Back to the Future was a Blast!

Sadly, I cannot remember the last time I actually sat down to watch any of the Back to the Future films. Sure, I have stopped and watched bits and pieces when flipping channels, but it has been forever since I actually watched the entire movie. Still, I do love it. The movie is a lot of fun and is a touchstone from my youth. Why am I talking about it now? Well, in advance of its Blu-ray release, it experienced a limited two-show only engagement at a number of AMC theaters and guess who got to see it? That's right, this guy!

So, after work I headed down the Thruway on a 45-minute drive (I know, that's not much, but definitely more than I would usually go on a Monday night) to the theater. I got there, picked up my ticket and went inside. I found the best seat I could and waited for the show to begin. The theater had a good sized crowd, everyone anxiously looking forward to the same thing. There were even a couple in costume looking like Marty McFly, sadly no Doc Browns.

Anyway, the Universal logo came up, the audience applauded. The stars' names appeared and the audience applauded. The title appeared and the audience applauded. Marty makes his first appearance and the audience applauded. Doc Brown appeared and the audience applauded. The film ended and the audience exploded. It was an incredible communal experience. This is one of those cinematic experiences that movie fans live for. Reliving and rediscovering the greatness of a favored film with a room full of people who have the same affection that you do, reacting at all the right parts and just having an all around good time.

As for the movie itself? The remastering looks fantastic. Save for the aged looking Universal logo the movie really looks like it was made last year. The film was projected digitally and was pretty much flawless. The colors were bright and crisp, detail was sharp, flesh tones were spot on, and there was still some film grain in the image (you don't want to lose that!). If anything the downfall of this new remastering is some of the make up became noticeable. No big deal, that is a minor complaint when the movie looks as good as this does.

This viewing also reminded me how much fun this movie is. It is a time travel movie that sets its rules and sticks to them. It has some fantastic lines with perfect delivery from a great cast. Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd have great chemistry. Lloyd has hilarious reactions, wild eyes, double takes, and I think I know where Michael Richards may have gotten inspiration for his Kramer entrances. Michael J. Fox perfectly embodies the 80's teenager.

Now I want to watch it again.

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