August 19, 2010

Monsters Prepare to Strike

In 2008 we got the wonderfully intense monster movie Cloverfield. That was a great theatrical experience and went a good ways to giving the monster movie some life. In 2009 we got the incredibly original, exciting, thrilling, and intelligent District 9. That one melted my mind when I saw it, it brought a fully realized world to the screen, an interesting alien race, and a fascinating lead character. Now we are on the verge of Monsters, which seems reminiscent of those films while still appearing to be wholly original. Will it be as good as either of those prior films? I do not know, but the teaser is very promising.

Writer/director Gareth Edwards is making his big screen debut with this science fiction film. The story centers on a probe sent into space some years ago to find evidence of alien life. Upon its return six years ago, it crashed in Mexico creating an infected zone that quarantined around half of the country as strange, and often large, creatures began to emerge. We follow a reluctant reporter who agrees to accompany an American tourist through the infected zone to the US border.

Yes, the story doesn't sound particularly interesting, but the trailer looks fantastic. It builds a sense of dread and wonder about what is going to be found. The trailer certainly piques my interest. I know it is the job of the trailer to get us into the theater, but sometimes a trailer reveals the film for what it is. I am reminded of the District 9 and Cloverfield trailers, offering just enough substance to grab your attention while also revealing it to be more than your standard feature. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but when you see a trailer for a special movie, you usually know it. I know, I know, sometimes they don't pay off, but I have a feeling about this one.

See for yourself:

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