August 18, 2010

American Remake of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Taking Shape

Yes, it is taking shape. I just have not yet decided what shape it is taking. I saw the original Swedish film earlier this year and it is one of my favorite movies of the year. By that time the American version was already a foregone conclusion. The big question was whether it was going to be a Hollywood cash grab or if someone was genuinely interested in offering up another take on the material.

I believe it is still too early too tell, but the fact that David Fincher is the man behind the camera gives me some hope for quality. I mean, the one movie I thought of while I watched this was Fincher's Zodiac. Now, I have heard some suggest this will be the equivalent of Gus Van Sant's Psycho debacle. I only hope it is not that bad.

With shooting slated for early 2011, the cast is starting to take shape. Daniel Craig is on board to play the male lead. I like this. The role is rugged type but not necessarily a star and while it can be argued that Craig is a big star, I still feel he has the skill to pull it off convincingly. The character is a reporter and one of his fellow reporters will be played by Robin Wright, a casting choice I am indifferent to as it is not a major role and she does have the right look for it.

There is a family (the Vanger family) being investigated in the film and two members have been cast, one will be Stellan Skarsgard. He is a fine actor and a good choice for the film. The other has been revealed to be Max Von Sydow. His presence should lend some credibility to the film as he generally makes everything better.

These roles are all fine. The big question mark is the female lead. The character is Lisbeth Salander and she was played so memorably by Noomi Rapace who brings strength and vulnerability to the screen in what is not your typical heroine. This is the key role for the film and one that will be very difficult for whoever should take it on.

Lisbeth has been cast and the actress is Rooney Mara. I can almost here you say "Who?" She was most recently seen in The Nightmare Before Christmas, where she was all right save for all her mumbling. I am really not sure I am going to like her in this role, she doesn't strike me as having the right qualities. Of course, I can think of no one other than Noomi Rapace.

I guess we will see when the film reaches theaters sometime next year.

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