June 8, 2010

Box Office Update 6/4-6/6: Shrek Forever After Fends off the Competition

  In its third weekend Shrek Forever After remains at the top of the pile. Last week it fended off the challenges from Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Sex and the City 2. Both of those films fell well under expectations. Now it is able to fend off the fight of four films, hoping to split the difference and bring down the mighty green ogre. To be honest, I wish they had as I cannot say I particularly cared for the latest Shrek outing and the longer it stays on top the more time the suits have to reconsider ending the series. One can only hope the proposed Puss in Boots spin off improves their fortunes.

The first of the four new releases to make a break for the top is the second place finisher, Get Him to the Greek. The spin off of the great Forgetting Sarah Marshall, this movie focuses on the rock star Aldous Snow played by Russell Brand. The movie is completely different from its predecessor, it is raunchy vulgar, over the top, but with a strong and healthy heart. It is a very funny movie that should do well in the long run right onto home video. It is better than I was expecting and it is a trip well worth taking.

Lagging just a little behind in third place is the action/romantic comedy Killers. Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl star in a movie that takes some unexpected angles on the material but still plays it towards the middle. Still, I liked it and I don;'t care who knows it. I do disagree with the majority who wan to tear it apart and I suggest you check it out for yourself before making a judgment.

Fourth and fifth place feature last weeks new releases. Both of them have suffered pretty good sized drops in their second weekends. In particular Sex and the City2 fell more than 63%. Hopefully this means no part 3. As for Prince of Persia? I cannot say I cared for it all that much. It was like watching a videogame, right down to a bland lead character.

Sixth place is held by newcomer Marmaduke, which frankly I don't have much to say about. I do suspect it will fade pretty quickly, especially with movies like Toy Story 3 on the way. Iron Man 2 is next and continues to do well in its fifth week. It is drawing ever closer to $300 million and looks to finish close to the total of the original.

The final film of note is Splice, an intelligent science fiction thriller that seeks to engage the brain en route to its outlandish finale. It is the sort of science fiction you do not often see on the big screen. I do not see it as having a lengthy run, so I suggest that if you like science fiction, you should make sure to get out and see it.

One final note on the list is that it seems they have given up on MacGruber as it lost the vast majority of its screens and it fell from ninth to thirty-second. Funny, I actually liked the movie. I suspect it will find new life on home video, but forget about the big screen.

Next weekend will see a remake and a television adaptation make it to theaters. First is Will Smith's son Jaden taking up the mantle of The Karate Kid with Jackie Chan taking on the Pat Morita role. The other film is the big screen adaptation of The A-Team. It has a good cast and big stunts, hopefully I will like it.

Four movies dropped off the list this week: Date Night (12), Just Wright (13), How to Train Your Dragon (14), and MacGruber (32).

This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
11Shrek Forever After$25,486,465 $183,229,453 3
2NGet Him to the Greek$17,570,955 $17,570,955 1
3NKillers$15,837,266 $15,837,266 1
43Prince of Persia: Sands of Time$14,019,131 $59,621,721 2
52Sex and the City 2$4,225,000 $14,631,000 2
6NMarmaduke$4,100,000 $4,100,000 1
74Iron Man 2$2,825,000 $90,660,000 5
8NSplice$2,285,000 $59,931,000 1
95Robin Hood$1,850,000 $210,940,000 4
106Letters to Juliet$1,037,000 $1,037,000 4

Box Office Predictions Recap
Over, under, somewhere in the middle, that is how my weekend of predictions went. I was all over the map with my dollar guesses. I fared slightly better on the placement side of the table, but even thee I had my problems. I guess I should have known that Marmaduke wasn't going to go that high, I just figured that the advertising was on the kids shows and the families would go in turn. I was wrong. I guess I did all right. Perhaps next week will be better.
Here is how the field matched up:

ActualPredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Shrek Forever After$25,486,465 $28 million
22Get Him to the Greek$17,570,955 $22 million
63Marmaduke$11,599,661 $20 million
34Killers$15,837,266 $17 million
45Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time$14,019,131 $15 million
56Sex and the City 2$12,344,303 $13.5 million
87Splice$7,385,277 $9 million
78Iron Man 2$7,918,708 $8.5 million
99Robin Hood (2010)$5,366,940 $2.5 million
1010Letters to Juliet$3,036,367 $2 million

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