May 18, 2010

Box Office Update 5/14-5/16: Iron Man 2 Deflects Robin Hood

 For the second week in a row Iron Man 2 dominates the box office. Despite a steep fall off, it easily dominated its second weekend out of the gate. The Jon Favreau directed superhero flick took in another $52 million, thus pushing it past the $200 million mark. It will surely fall to the mighty (presumably) fourth Shrek film. Of course, just because it is falling out of the top spot does not mean it is going to stop making money. I am sure it is on its way to a healthy final take that will see it top $300 million.

The next three spots are held by the three newcomers. Leading the newbie parade is Robin Hood, the new Ridley Scott/Russell Crowe team up that explores the events leading up to Robin becoming the outlaw we all know and love. Its $36 million opening has to be considered a disappointment considering what the film likely cost, the names invovled, and the summer expectations. However, seeing the movie, I understand it. It is not a bad film by any stretch, but it is sadly mediocre. The story never really takes hold and there seems to be too much attention paid to the gritty realistic atmosphere. In other words, it is Robin Hood by way of Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, leading to a bit of a ho-hum experience.

Following in the distance of third place is Letters to Juliet, the new Amanda Seyfried starring romance. I must say that this movie is pretty good, although it does not completely succeed. It's opening is likely in line with expectations, playing a bit of counter-programming to Iron Man 2 and Robin Hood. The reason you will want to see this, if for nothing else is Vanessa Redgrave, she is fantastic. Also providing some great supporting work is Franco Nero, who is most famous for his spaghetti westerns in 1960s and 70s most notably Django. It is a sweet natured film that is difficult to hate on.

Coming in fourth place is Just Wright, starring Queen Latifah and Common. I have not seen this one and do not really have a lot of interest in seeing it. That said, I bet it survives on Laifah's considerable screen charisma. Still, I do not see it sticking around for long, same goes for Letters to Juliet.

There is nothing particularly special in the rest of the list, although How to Train Your Dragon continues to have a solid run. I've said it before and will say it again, it is really a good film and I am glad it is having this success.

Next weekend will have two new films entering the cineplex. First is Shrek Forever After, which I only hope is better than the third one. The other is the SNL skit turned feature Macgruber. The Mcguyver spoof is one of the worst sketches I can think of, although I must admit the movie looks a little funny.

Three movies dropped off the list this week: Death at a Funeral (11), Babies (12), and The Losers (16).

This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
11Iron Man 2$52,041,005 $211,200,876 1
2NRobin Hood (2010)$36,063,385 $36,063,385 2
3NLetters to Juliet$13,540,486 $13,540,486 7
4NJust Wright$8,284,989 $8,284,989 5
53How to Train Your Dragon$5,003,536 $207,647,696 3
62A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)$4,657,190 $56,066,595 2
74Date Night (2010)$3,823,515 $86,522,622 6
85The Back Up Plan$2,387,480 $34,124,782 4
96Furry Vengeance$2,242,106 $15,089,070 1
107Clash of the Titans (2010)$1,231,396 $160,127,747 3

Box Office Predictions Recap
Almost universally overestimated. Still, I think I did a pretty good job of guessing. I very nearly got all ten right, who thought that Date Night would slip behind the new take on Nightmare? Still, it looks like a good weekend for the box office, although I suspect Ridley Scott is a little disappointed with the turnout for his new Robin Hood.

Here is how the field matched up:

ActualPredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Iron Man 2$52,041,005 $60 million
22Robin Hood (2010)$36,063,385 $42 million
33Letters to Juliet$13,540,486 $17 million
44Just Wright$8,284,989 $12 million
55How to Train Your Dragon$5,003,536 $5,5 million
76Date Night (2010)$3,823,515 $4 million
67A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)$4,657,190 $3.75 million
88The Back-Up Plan$2,387,480 $2.5 million
99Furry Vengeance$2,242,106 $2.25 million
1010Clash of the Titans (2010)$1,231,396 $1.5 million

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