May 25, 2010

Android App Review Android Town

The other day at work I got an instant message asking if I had downloaded an app called Android Town. I had not and was advised to check it out. So I did it, I went to the Android Market and looked up and looked up Android Town. It seemed intriguing so I installed it on my Droid Incredible.

Keep In Touch With Fellow Androiders on Android TownI launched the app and began taking a look at what it could do. I should mention that it is pretty early in its development and the developer seems keen to further its abilities.

In any case, Android Town seems to fill a similar role to BBM for Blackberry users. The app uses network location or GPS location to put you on a map. The map (uses Google Maps) will also show other Android Town users in your area. You can see their profile and send them messages. In addition to the map you can do searches setting a few criteria to narrow the results and help you find potential Android Townie friends.

That is about the extent of the app at the moment, but there are plans for bigger and better things. Ideas include Facebook/Twitter/Flickr integration and invites. The first batch of ideas seem like standard fare, but the thought of invites is pretty neat. Ever want some drinking buddies? Do a search and send out some invites, bond over the usage of the same tech and make some new friends.

It is a new location based social media network that is beginning its life as a mobile application and is decidedly an Android original. It has good uses now, think of how it will do once the user base begins to grow and the feature list expands? This app has the potential to become something very big.

You can visit them online at and you can download the app by using your barcode scanner on the QR code to the right.

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