April 30, 2010

New Movies and Box Office Predictions: 4/30

This week's wide releases -
Furry Vengeance
A Nightmare on Elm Street

One last weekend before May brings us the start of blockbuster season (otherwise known as Iron Man 2). Will it prove to be a step up from last week's weak showing? Perhaps, perhaps not. Time will tell. Yes, am being purposefully noncommittal. I will say that this week brings a movie I am quite looking forward to in a cautiously optimistic way. I bet you can even guess which film I am talking about without reading any further. In any case there are two films arriving nationwide this week just itching to part you from your money. Do either stand a chance?

Furry Vengeance. (2010, 92 minutes, PG, family comedy) I am sorry, I just cannot believe this will be any good and have little desire to find out if those assumptions are wrong. If I am faced down with seeing it, I will do so gladly hoping for the best, but while I stand on the outside unwilling to part with my money to see it, I will stand by my snap judgment that this will not be a good movie. I watch the trailer, I see Brendan Fraser invoke the name of Miley Cyrus as a curse word and I wonder what happened to him. I like the guy and think he is better than this material. Anyway, he plays a contractor who is preparing to tear down a forest for a shopping center when the forest critters decide to take action to protect their homes.

A Nightmare on Elm Street. (2010, 95 minutes, R, horror) Yes, you guessed correct. I am indeed looking forward to seeing this new take on a horror classic. In 1984 Wes Craven brought us a film that spawned a long running franchise and one of the most enduring slasher monsters of all time, Freddy Krueger (played so memorably by Robert Englund). Now we are faced with a Michael Bay produced remake. The bits I have seen look promising and it appears they are trying to make Freddy scary again and while the cues from the original are there, there is a differen voice a work here. I also feel that Jackie Earl Haley is a good choice for the new Freddy and look forward to see how he does and if everything comes together.

Also opening this week, but not near me:

  • The Good Heart
  • Harry Brown
  • Human Centipede
  • Mercy
  • Please Give
  • Touching Home
Box Office Predictions
This week should do a little better than last. I am betting on a solid opening from A Nightmare on Elm Street to lead the way. I am also suspecting that How to Train Your Dragon will have another solid week. After these two it is anyone's guess with Furry Vengenace hopefully not doing too well. I do not want to speak ill of those involved, but it looks really bad. Just be ready for some much bigger numbers come next weekend.
Here is how I think it could play out:
RankTitleBox Office
1A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)$34 million
2How to Train Your Dragon$12 million
3Furry Vengeance$9 million
4The Back Up Plan$8 million
5Date Night$6.5 million
6Clash of the Titans (2010)$5 million
7Kick Ass$4.5 million
8Death at a Funeral (2010)$4 million
9Oceans$3.5 million
10The Last Song$2 million

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