March 2, 2010

Box Office Update 2/26-2/28: Shutter Island Shutters the Competition

The wait is over, two big (well, maybe not so big) things happened this weeked. The lesser event is that we know have the first 2010 film to repeat as the top film. Shutter Island is that film, holding onto the top spot for two weekends. I doubt it will get a third, but this is something you cannot take away. Fortuntely, the movie is really quite good. The other, more momentous event is Avatar has crossed $700 million. Yes, that is an insane number and it would seem that it has a shot at $750 million.

Martin Scorsese could be on his way to a new career high in box office gross if Shutter Island can hold up. The thriller has already given the legendary director the biggest opening of his illustrious career. This movie really surprised me. With Dicaprio and Scorsese you had to know going in that it was going to be something special. They deliver the goods with some great atmosphere, an engrossing story, and strong performances led by a nicely layered character from Dicaprio.

Second place brings us the first of the weekends new releases. The Kevin Smith directed Cop Out. The film opened well and appears to have a shot at becoming his highest grossing film. It is a shame that it is one of his worst. Granted, the screenplay is not his so the blame is not entirely his. The buddy cop spoof fails to deliver an interesting story and does not have nay character that I find interesting. Better luck next time.

The Crazies finished third with a respectable $16 million. Better than I was expecting in both box office gross and in film quality. The movie creates a nice paranoid atmosphere as it begins to hit the fan and our heroes are at a loss to explain it and are doing all they can to keep themselves alive. Nice blood, a story that doesn't give you everything, and frightening implications all add up to a remake that does it right.

Avatar finished fourth his week, its lowest yet. Still, it was only off 15% from last week. It is having an amazing run that will probably dip a bit faster now that Alice in Wonderland is poised to poach 3D theaters. Still, the film is quite amazing and I find it to have been better the second time around.

There is nothing else of any real import in the latter half of the chart. Well, perhaps Crazy Heart dipping a mere 15% is worth noting, especially with its Oscar nominations and the award ceremony fast approaching.

Next weekend will see the arrival of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, which is actually a sequel. Also joining the fray is Brooklyn's Finest from Antoine Fuqua and starring Richard Gere, Don Cheadle, Wesley Snipes, and Ethan Hawke.

Two movies dropped off the list this week: From Paris with Love (13) and Edge of Darkness (14).

This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
11Shutter Island$22,665,205$75,541,5712
2NCop Out$18,211,126$18,211,1261
3NThe Crazies$16,067,552$16,067,5521
54Percy Jackson$9,583,421$70,998,2803
62Valentine's Day$9,063,036$99,916,2403
76Dear John$4,808,498$72,432,0964
85The Wolfman$4,259,865$57,380,1253
97Tooth Fairy$3,425,333$53,841,4546
108Crazy Heart$2,462,384$25,009,49611

Box Office Predictions Recap
Not bad at all. Not perfect by any stretch, but I am pretty appy with how it turned out. With the exception of The Crazies and Dear John, my dollars were really pretty close. In the case of The Crazies, I am pretty happy it came in higher than I expected as the movie really is quite good, surprisngly so. Hopefully word of mouth will help it along.

Here is how the field matched up:

ActualPredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Shutter Island$22,665,205$23 million
22Cop Out$18,211,126$19 million
43Avatar$13,655,274$13.5 million
34The Crazies$16,067,552$12 million
55Percy Jackson$9,583,421$9 million
66Valentine's Day$9,063,036$8 million
87The Wolfman$4,259,865$5 million
98The Tooth Fairy$3,425,333$3.5 million
79Dear John$4,808,498$3.25 million
1010Crazy Heart$2,462,384$2 million

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