February 16, 2010

Box Office Update 2/12-2/14: Valentine's Day Dominates Valentine's Day Weekend

 Last week's win by Dear John broke the seal of Avatar's dominance and it looks like it will be impossible to put the gene back in the bottle. While the Nicholas Sparks adaptation did not repeat its trick of topping the James Cameron juggernaut this week, all three of this week's new releases topped the aging behemoth. The question is not so much who will beat it, but how long will it last on the top ten and hopw much will it make?

Avatar is the biggest money maker domestically and internationally of all time (not adjusted). It has now been out of the top spot for two weekends but still shows no signs of slowing down. It has topped the $660 million mark and seems to be a shoe-in to reach the $700 million plateau and would seem likely to make it all the way to $750 million. Now if that wasn't impressive enough, consider this, the film actually made more money this weekend than it did last. It grew nearly 3% to take in $23.5 million. Is there no stopping it?

This week's actual top film is Valentines Day, Garry Marshall's ensemble ode to love and the holiday. It easily dominated the box office this weekend as it took in more than $56 million. I have to believe that it will be highly frontloaded and will see pretty big declines as we move away from the holiday. It does not help that it has generally be panned by critics, although I did like it.

Coming in well behind in second place is Joe Johnston's take on the The Wolfman. Much like the number one film, this has not received much positive critical word, which will likely hurt it in the long run. The film worked for me, for the most part. It is definitely an issue where the parts are greater than their sum. It has a wonderful gothic look and feel and the makeup has the classic look of the Lon Chaney Jr. film. Definitely worth it for monster fans.

Following very closely in third place is Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. That title sure is a mouthful, glad to see it referred to in most places simply as Percy Jackson. The film is based on a series of books and is directed by Chris Columbus who is taking another stab at the youth franchise after kicking off the Harry Potter franchise. I have not seen the film, but it seems to be getting decent reviews, perhaps I will catch up with it next weekend.

Aside from Avatar, there is nothing terribly special about the rest of the list. It is comprised of last weeks leftovers slipping down a little bit. It will be sad to see Avatar eventually make its way all the down and out.

Next week sees only one new movie entering the fray. Martin Scorsese's Shutter Island will be making its bow on the big screen. The Leonardo Dicaprio starring film looks to be a solid thriller. A Scorsese film is always worth seeing and it seems the same can be said for Dicaprio (especially with Inception coming this summer).

Three movies dropped off the list this week: The Book of Eli (11), Legion (14), and Sherlock Holmes (16).

This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NValentine's Day$56,405,000$56,405,0001
2NThe Wolfman$31,753,000$31,753,0001
3NPercy Jackson$31,400,000$31,400,0001
51Dear John$16,050,000$53,927,0002
65The Tooth Fairy$6,000,000$42,003,0004
73From Paris with Love$5,520,000$16,630,0002
84Edge of Darkness$4,825,000$36,309,0003
98Crazy Heart$4,220,000$16,757,0008
106When in Rome$3,702,000$26,297,0003
Box Office Predictions Recap
You know what, dont even bother looking at the right side of the chart. Let me just tell you I was way off all the way down the chart. There is no way I would have guessed so high for those films. Seriously, who would have guessed that these movies would have climbed anywhere near this high! I mean, I know it was a holiday weekend, but that makes itno less surprising.

Here is how the field matched up:

ActualPredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Valentine's Day$56,405,000$31 million
22The Wolfman$31,753,000$24 million
33Percy Jackson$31,400,000$20 million
44Avatar$23,500,000$18 million
55Dear John$16,050,000$17 million
66The Tooth Fairy$6,000,000$4.75 million
77From Paris With Love$5,520,000$4.5 million
88Edge of Darkness$4,825,000$4 million
109When in Rome$3,702,000$3.25 million
910Crazy Heart$4,220,000$3 million

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