January 29, 2010

Tumbl'd Entertainment News For the Week of 1/29

Each week the entertainment world is flooded with news. Big news, little news, inconsequential news, and funny news. It flies around the web at breakneck pace and no matter wear you turn, no matter what entertainment site you go to, it all looks the same. Sure, the opinion may be different, but the core piece of information is the same.

Now, I would love to get in on the fun, but I barely have time to read it, much less write it. So, I try to do the next best thing, I send some of the more interesting (to me) stories out across the web on the Critical Outcast Tumblr Blog and then, at the end of the week, gather them together and add some of my own thoughts. Hopefully, you will find this interesting, entertaining, and maybe even worthwhile!

Conan Has Been Cast!
Guess what? Conan will now be played by none other than Jay Leno! Yes, you read that right! Aw, I kid, I kid. This is the announcement for the new Conan film that is getting ramped up. The role has been awarded to Jason Momoa. I can hear you all say "Who?" Jason Momoa is best known for his roles on Baywatch: Hawaii and Stargate: Atlantis. Does he have what it takes to lead Conan to new heights? I'm not sure, but am willing to give it a shot.

Ghostbusters.... 3D!
3D is starting to really heat up. Hollywood is going to have to start helping theaters get these projectors, as the penetration is still pretty low. Before long the theaters will not be able to support them. As for this project, I think it is a good idea. The thought of ghosts flying all over the theater is an attractive one. I kind of want to see this now.

Birdemic Trailer
There is really nothing I can say about this other that it is going to be epic!

Saw VI has an added scene on DVD
It is not much, really, but I found it interesting and I assume it is going to have implications on the seventh film.

100 Cheesiest Movie Lines.
This is not exactly news, but somebody did put a lot of effort into editing these clips together. While I do not agree that they are all cheesy, I do think it is very well done and fun to watch.

Lost Season Six Promo
I am looking forward to this season if only to see if they can wrap it up. On the other hand, I am also kind of glad it will just be over.

The Runaways Gets a Teaser Poster
I am looking forward to this.

Repo Men gets a Poster
I still cannot help but think of Repo! The Genetic Opera. Still, this poster is kind of cool, although it does remind me of something.

Fox Acquires Machete
This could prove to be very interesting. It began life as a fake trailer for the Grindhouse double feature and now it has been turned into a feature. I am really looking forward to it, I mean no one can play a bad ass like Danny Trejo. I have seen no footage, but I suspect it will be cool. However, this pick up also comes with a response from the formerly interested Weinstein Company that amounts to: it's not a good movie, good luck with that.

Ryan Reynolds Gets Buried
Lionsgate has picked up this thriller and I am very much intrigued by the concept. In it, Reynolds plays a contractor in Iraq who wakes up to find himself buried. All he has is a lighter and a cell phone. Interesting, no? Sounds awfully claustrophobia. I also know that Stephen Tobolowsky is the voice on the phone.

Hot Tub Time Machine - trailer
This one can easily go one of two ways. I hope it leans towards great.

The Dead - trailer
This zombie film out of Africa looks pretty good. Some of it is standard zombie fare, but some of it looks like it is right out of a Lucio Fulci film.

Lionsgate takes a shot at Paranormal Activity 2
This could get ugly and I have no doubt the movies will suffer for it. I previously informed you that Saw VI director Kevin Greutert had signed to direct the Paranormal sequel, which was also slated to open directly opposite Saw VII. Well, Lionsgate has put a stop to that by invoking a contractual clause that is forcing Greutert to direct VII. Let's just say he is not happy.

How I Met Your Mother Gets a Sixth Season
Yeah! This makes me happy. It always seems like this show is on the bubble, it is nice to see the early pickup for a favorite of mine. Pair it up with Big Bang Theory and you have a formidable Monday night set of comedies!

Tim Burton Heads up Cannes Jury
I like Burton. He always makes interesting films that make me love cinema. Of course, this announcement has people making cracks about the winning movie has already been chosen and it is about an outsider with big eyes. Funny, sure, but always remember that Burton marches to his own drummer. Sure, his style is recognizable, but it is a great one.

Mortal Kombat Reboot?
There are some rumors floating around that a reboot is in the works. I think it could be a lot of fun, but I am not sure how I feel about this. Do I really want to see it? I still like the original one. Better yet, do you want to see it?

AC/DC to Provide Iron Man 2 Soundtrack
The album will contain hits spanning their entire career. The first video is "Shoot to Thrill."

Clash of the Titans is Indeed Going 3D
The tests must have gone well and it will only delay the release by one week. I cannot say I am a fan of this. If you wanted 3D, it should have been shot that way from the start.

Guy Ritchie to Helm Sherlock 2
It sees only natural. The movie was a blast and is a Golden Globe winner and a box office success. To help move this along, he has left the Lobo project (based on the DC character). I hope that finds a new director.

Jessica Alba Leaves a Screening of Her Latest, Sparking Outrage
At a screening of Michael Winterbottom's Killer in Me Alba got up and left during a scene of graphic violence against women (being her in the film). This has sparked outrage among activist groups about the imagery in the film. I have not seen it so I cannot comment directly, but I do find it interesting that she agreed to do the movie yet can't watch it.

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