January 15, 2010

New Movies and Box Office Predictions for 1/15/10

This week's wide releases -
The Book of Eli
The Spy Next Door
The Lovely Bones

2010 has gotten off to an odd start by giving me movies I am, more or less, interested in and an amazing box office story from one of last year's holdovers. How long will this good fortune last? At least one more week me thinks, as next week appears to be rather weak. Fortunately, this week brings one anticipated film for the new year and one anticipated wide release from last year. What say you?

The Book of Eli. (2010, 118 minutes, R, science fiction) This actually looks pretty good. I have been looking forward to this since I first saw the trailer. I don't think it will top what The Road accomplished, but it certainly looks to be more entertaining and less bleak. The film focuses on a lone man who protects the knowledge that may lead to humanity's survival in a post-apocalyptic landscape
. Denzel Washington plays that man and he is opposed by Gary Oldman while being aided by Mila Kunis, who must feel great getting high billing with these two fine actors. The film was directed by The Hughes Brothers (From Hell) and looks to have plenty of action.

The Spy Next Door. (2010, 92 minutes, PG, action/comedy) Was Vin Diesel not available for The Pacifier Part 2? This does not look very good, but I have a weakness for Jackie Chan, the guy can make almost anything watchable. Here he is a super spy who lives in a suburban neighborhood. He is pressed into service as a babysitter and the the bad Russians strike causing Jackie to jump into action to protect the kids and stop the bad guys the only way he knows how. May not be good, but I expect to smile.

The Lovely Bones. (2009, 135 minutes, R, drama/thriller) Based on the novel by Alice Sebold and directed by Peter Jackson, this could be an interesting ride. Early on it had gotten a lot of buzz, but subsequent screenings led to mixed reviews and positive buzz greatly diminished. Still, I am quite eager to see it. It looks like an interesting story and a told in a nicely visual style. It is set in the 1970s and tells of a young girl who is murdered and watches over her family and her murderer. Will she be able to help her family heal an bring her killer to justice? Hopefully it turns out to be a winner.

Also opening this week, but not near me:
  • Fish Tank

Box Office Predictions
Week five, here I come! Yes, I suspect that Avatar will retain the top spot for a fifth straight week. That is something that has not happened in a decade. The film has become a force of nature and is an event that is drawing everyone out to the theater, higher ticket prices or not. It will be immediately followed by this weekend's three wide releases and then a battle for the leftovers. This could be exciting!

Here is how I think it could play out:

RankTitleBox Office
1Avatar$42 million
2The Book of Eli$33 million
3The Lovely Bones$18.5 million
4The Spy Next Door$16 million
5Sherlock Holmes$9 million
6Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel$8.5 million
7Daybreakers$7 million
8It's Complicated$6 million
9Leap Year$5.5 million
10The Blind Side$5 million

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