April 17, 2009

New Movies & Box Office Predictions: 17 Again, Crank - High Voltage, State of Play

The third weekend in April seems to be a bit weaker than then the second, but guess that is to allow the burn to smolder for the beginning of May when the studios trot out a string of high profile releases. This weekend offers a decent selection of titles, just none that immediately appear to be a runaway hit. Still, I am looking forward to heading out to see some new offerings.

17 Again. (2009, 102 minutes, PG-13, comedy) Here comes a test. This is Zac Efron's first real test as a movie star. Following his emergence as a force in the High School Musical series and his entertaining turn in the Hairspray adaptation in 2007, this is his first shot at being a listed star, apart from being in an ensemble. The film tells the familiar story of a man getting a chance to do it all over again. A wish to be 17 again finds Matthew Perry transformed into a 17 year-old played by Zac Efron, who then vows to do things the right way. It looks innocent enough and should draw pretty well this weekend. Leslie Mann co-stars. This is director Burr Steers first feature since 2002's Igby Goes Down.

Crank: High Voltage. (2009, 85 minutes, R, action). This is sure to be an absolute trip, a cartoon brought to vivid, violent life. If you thought Jason Statham's Chev Chelios died, as stated, in the first film, you would be wrong. The tag line says it all: "He was dead...But he got better." What else do you need? He is kept alive via artificial heart that he must keep charged to keep it pumping as he charges across the city in search of his real heart. I am sure this is completely unreal, but if it holds together with its own logic I am cool with that.

State of Play. (2009, 118 minutes, PG-13, thriller) While the subject matter seems awfully familiar, the cast assembled looks strong enough to make it involving and, dare I say, thrilling? Russell Crowe is an investigative reporter in DC, looking into a series of brutal murders while former college roommate Ben Affleck, a rising political star, is overseeing a committee on defense spending. Things heat up when Affleck's assistant turns up murdered with Crowe investigating as dark secrets come to light. The cast also includes Rachel McAdams, Helen Mirren. Robin Wright Penn, Jeff Daniels, and Jason Bateman. Kevin Macdonald (The Last King of Scotland) is at the helm.

Also opening this week, but not near me:
  • American Violet
  • Every Little Step
  • The Golden Boys
  • Gooby
  • Is Anybody There?
  • Lemon Tree
  • Sleep Dealer

Box Office Predictions
Last weekend was led by the debuting Hannah Montana: The Movie, will it have the strength to lead a second weekend? I think not. However, that begs the question of what movie is going to step up to the plate. I suspect it will the teen targeted movie featuring a certain Disney "heartthrob." I also believe the new Crank will not make much of an impact.

Here is how I think it could play out.

RankTitleBox Office
117 Again$23 million
2State of Play$18 million
3Hannah Montana: The Movie$15 million
4Fast & Furious$14 million
5Monsters vs. Aliens$13 million
6Crank: High Voltage$9 million
7Observe and Report$5.5 million
8Knowing$3.25 million
9I Love You, Man$3 million
10The Haunting in Connecticut$2 million


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17 again was a lot of fun to watch despite the awkward moments; reminded me of Freaky Friday

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