March 31, 2009

Box Office Update: 3/27-3/29: Monsters vs. Aliens vs. Box Office

It should come as no surprise that Monsters vs. Aliens won the weekend. The family targeted, massively advertised animated feature drew the families in like a moth to a flame. Of course, I went as well, sans family. The film was entertaining enough, but I had hoped for more. I loved the throwback elements of 1950's era science fiction films, but overall it moved a little too slowly for my tastes. Still, it is fine entertainment for all, just don't expect Kung Fu Panda.

Coming in second place, a little stronger than I was expecting, is The Haunting in Connecticut. It is a haunted house tale spawned from a real story (well, real depending on whether or not you believe in hauntings) of a family that moved into a former funeral home, only to come face to face with dark forces that were not happy about their arrival. The film definitely has its moments, building atmosphere supported by decent performances, with the big downfall being the over-reliance on jump scares.

Slipping to third place is Knowing. I am glad to see this not have a huge drop. It came in right about where I had hoped it would. I had a suspicion that it was going to suffer a considerably larger drop from its debut, especially considering the mixed notice it has received.

Coming in fourth place is the buddy comedy I Love You, Man. This is a funny film firmly entrenched in the Apatow tradition of raunchiness tempered with genuine heart. If you are looking to laugh and are of an appropriate age, you could do a lot worse.

Fifth place is held by Duplicity. This seems to be holding fine, but it has to be seen as something of a disappointment considering Julia Roberts star power. Now, the question is, is its performance a result of the film, or is Roberts' drawing ability beginning to dwindle some? Good question that I cannot answer.

Race to Witch Mountain slips to sixth place, although it is chugging along at a solid pace. It is fun for the family, but sadly does not hold terribly much substance.

New arrival 12 Rounds slips into seventh place. I expected higher, but I am not sure why. I saw the film, and it turned out to be somewhat less than thrilling. Where John Cena's last outing, The Marine, was goofy fun, this was goofy dumb. It never slows down and never gets going.

Eighth place belongs to Watchmen, continuing its decline. This film shows hat hype does not necessarily pay off. I thought the film was actually very good. It is a challenging film that is not to all tastes, but is well worth the attempt.

Taken continues to do well, even as it slides down the list it continues to amaze as a wonderful success story. If you want action and have not yet had the pleasure, this will fill the bill.

Rounding out the chart is The Last House on the Left, proving that there is still a market for films that make you feel dirty.

Next week will feature a pair of new films nation wide. Fast and Furious, featuring the original cast arrives with a new batch of toy cars, will be joining the amusement park coming of age comedy Adventureland at your local cineplex.

Three movies dropped off the top ten this week: Slumdog Millionaire (12), Madea Goes to Jail (13), and Coraline (20).

This WeekLast WeekTitleWknd GrossOverallWeek in release
1NMonsters vs. Aliens$59,321,095$59,321,0951
2NThe Haunting in Connecticut$23,004,765$23,004,7651
42I Love You, Man$12,671,533$37,078,3062
64Race to Witch Mountain$5,801,775$53,459,7523
7N12 Rounds$5,329,240$5,329,2401
97Taken (2009)$2,695,342$137,068,8863
106The Last House on the Left (2009)$2,644,295$28,492,3303

Box Office Predictions Recap
I guess I should be happy with how this week turned out. I was able to get seven of ten positions correct, if I had not made one little mistake, I could have gotten all ten. On the other side of the chart are the predictions, an area I did not fare as well on. I was either really close, or really far off. None of the tallies really surprised me, but hopefully I will track better next week.

Here is how the field matched up:

ActualPredictionTitleWknd GrossPrediction
11Monsters vs. Aliens$59,321,095$52 million
22The Haunting in Connecticut$23,004,765$16 million


3Knowing$14,702,187$14 million
44I Love You, Man$12,671,533$13 million
7512 Rounds$5,329,240

$10 million

56Duplicity$7,672,485$9 million
67Race to Witch Mountain$5,801,775$6 million
88Watchmen$2,732,439$5 million
99Taken (2009)$2,695,342$3.5 million
1010The Last House on the Left$2,644,295$3 million


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