December 18, 2008

The Unborn - Poster, Stills

The title makes it sound like a cheesy horror flick from the 80's. At least that is where my mind goes. The trailer, however, actually looks pretty darn good. It looks as it if it mike actually be creepy and contain some actual blood. There is even a Lovecraftian feel to a couple of shots, although I am sure that will not be the case of the whole film. Of course, it is a January release and that does not bode well for studio faith in its quality. In any case, here is a collection of production stills:


4514_D035_00006 4514_TP_00027 4514_D034_00268 4514_D033_00169R 4514_D030_00470 4514_D028_00296 4514_D028_00196 4514_D023_00372 4514_D022_00178 4514_D018_00194 4514_D012_00060 4514_D003_00072 4514_D001_00143 4514_D031_00231 4514_D022_00116 4514_D020_00271 4514_D007_00048 4514_D005_00022 4514_TP_00019 4514_TP_00032


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