December 1, 2008

Rob Zombie to Direct Halloween 2? is reporting that Rob Zombie will indeed be back at the helm for a Halloween sequel. This is surprising as I remember reading that Zombie had no interest in directing another film in the franchise. I guess things change.

At one point Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo, co-directors of the insane French horror film Inside, were on board to write and direct with the studio pursuing Rob to come on to produce. However, that fell apart and the directing duo left the project and Rob had no interest in producing.

With Rob on board, what was supposed to be his next project, Tyranosaurus Rex, which was to be released next August, has been put on hold. I guess its a good thing he hadn't written the script yet. Now, this begs the question, has he been working on a story or script yet? Does he have an idea in mind? Shooting is currently scheduled to commence in March, so he does not have a lot of time to get ready.

I am a fan of Zombie's films and I enjoyed his take on Halloween, even if the latter half of it was nothing more than a rehash of Carpenter's classic. I am interested in seeing where he will go with this one.


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