December 8, 2008

The Dark Knight Back in the Oscar Hunt?

It very well could be. The LA Times is reporting that the Academy has held another vote and the score may be allowed back into the chase for film's top prize. If this does turn out to be true I will be very happy.

Back in November, I reported on the fact the score was being disqualified because too many people were listed on the cue sheet. Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard are the composers, but for royalty purposes they included three others, so they could be recognized for their contributions. The other three listed are music editor Alex Gibson, ambient music designer Mel Wesson and composer Lorne Balfe.

I find the fact that it was disqualified to be utterly ridiculous. It seems that the Academy was initially intent on preserving the integrity of the award by limiting how many could be nominated. In my mind this puts a blemish on it for not recognizing what went into creating said score. So what if there are five names, they all contributed to the work and deserve to be recognized.

However this turns out it is still a fantastic score for a fantastic film. Let's hope this turns out to be true and it is back in.


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