November 19, 2008

WB and a Common Computer Command

This is just a small piece of news, but the concept description is enough to grab my attention. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Warner Brothers has picked up the spec script from Tim Kelleher and Danny Zuker called Contrl-Alt-Delete. There is a combination of words familiar to anyone who has ever used a computer!

Here is the brief description: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure meets The Matrix.

Intrigued? Yeah, me too.

Sounds like a job for Keanu Reeves, right? Perhaps they could bring back Alex Winter too. I love the Bill & Ted movies as well as The Matrix series (well, at least the first one). The two concepts could marry well, but it could also be an absolute disaster. Still, being a fan I have to be at least a little bit interested.

Now, this is not a guarantee that the film will be made, but it is a step in the right direction and a step that every writer with a screenplay likes to hear.

Tim Kelleher is best known as a character actor, and has only one produced credit, the Disney film First Kid. Danny Zuker has had a long career writing for television shows, including Roseanne and Just Shoot Me!


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