October 23, 2008

The Soloist Yanked from Awards Season

This is rather interesting and does not reflect well on the film, at least in my opinion. The Soloist was scheduled to be the opening night film for the AFI Film Festival on October 30th, but Paramount has pulled it from the schedule, according to Variety.

The screening would have been the film's world premiere. The Soloist was said to have some Oscar potential, and the trailer I saw seemed to indicate that, although it did have vague Oscar-bait overtones with its big hearted, transforming man story. Now we will have to wait until March 13th to see if it holds up.

This push back of release date, to me, indicates one of two things. First, they lost faith in its Oscar potential and are choosing to release it at a time of year when Oscar is not a weight that can drag a film down. Two, the film was simply deemed not ready and requires further work or reshoots to make it big screen ready. Of course, it could be neither of those things and they just want to fill a schedule whole or something less innocuous.

The film stars Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Foxx. Downey plays a journalist in the search of a story, finding it in a homeless Julliard trained musician played by Foxx. The two help each other find themselves, though not without drama. The trailer I saw looked pretty good, just have to wait longer to see the whole thing.


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