October 25, 2008

Rob Zombie - "War Zone" from Punisher: War Zone

This December will see the third Punisher film reach the big screen. It will be the third attempt to kick off a franchise following the Dolph Lundgren film in the early 1990's (which I like) and the Thomas Jane version a few years back (which I like parts of). This new version stars Ray Stevensen in the title role, taking down gangsters on a bloody path to punish those responsible for the murder of his family. He will be doing so to a heavy soundtrack that will feature this new Rob Zombie track, which is decent and probably the heaviest tune he's turned out in years. Check out the song below, after the album track list:

01. "War Zone" - ROB ZOMBIE
02. "Final Six" - SLAYER
03. "Psychosocial" - SLIPKNOT
04. "Historia Calamitatum" - RISE AGAINST
05. "Fallen" - SEETHER
06. "Bulletproof" - KERLI
07. [To Be Determined - Contest Winner]
08. "The Past Is Proof" - SENSES FAIL
09. "Butterfly Wings" - MACHINES OF LOVING GRACE
10. "Genesis" - JUSTICE
11. "Showdown" - PENDULUM
12. "Refuse" - HATEBREED
13. "Lunatic" - STATIC-X
14. "Days Of Revenge" - RAMALLAH
15. "The Punisher Main Title" - MICHAEL WANDMACHER


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