October 16, 2008

Raimi Talks Spidey

Recently MTV's Movie Blog sat down with Sam Raimi to talk about the future of the Spider-Man franchise. Things are sounding positive, but the quotes are so round about that it is hard to get a real handle on what is going on, other than it is a foregone conclusion that more sequels will be made.

So, what do we learn? Well, we already knew that Tobey Maguire is coming back, but wee learn that the return of Kirsten Dunst is still up in the air, despite her comments that she wants to be involved. Raimi says that he wants to work with her again, going on to say how hard it is to work older characters into the script, especially those who have died, such as Norman Osborne (Willem Dafoe) and Ben Parker.

There is also talk about the rumors that Spider-Man 4 and 5 will be shot back to back. It seems like this is a real possibility, if a script can come together and the producers choose to go that route. I like this idea, as it would give a story room to breathe and hopefully avoid what happened with the third film, having so much crammed into it that there was no room for anything to develop.

Raimi also gave a hint that maybe we will finally see The Lizard. I mean we have had Dylan Baker playing Curt Connors in the first three films, it would be great to see him back as the villain. Again, the quote is rather obtuse.

Not that I don't understand, a script is needed first. Even without a script, Raimi expects production to start early 2010.


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