October 27, 2008

Ninja Scroll has a Screenwriter

If the first thought after seeing that headline was: "Wasn't that a movie years ago?" You would be right, but you would also be out of the loop on Warner Brothers having acquired the rights to make a live action film. Bloody Disgusting is reporting that a screenwriter has been assigned to the project.

The writer is none other than Alex Tse, fresh off of working on Watchmen, which will hopefully be a positive. Watchmen is poised to just rock everything that is good, pending the Fox/WB lawsuit that could indefinitely delay its release.

I would like to consider this exciting news, but pending actually seeing the film I cannot make that call until Watchmen. As it is, it will be interesting to see what they do with Ninja Scroll. If you are unfamaliar with the 1993 anime film, it is violent, bloody, and absolutely insane. It is not the sort of movie I see as an easy adaptation to American screens.

The film is to be produced by Leonardo Dicaprio's Appian Way. No other news is available, but it is something worth keeping an eye on.


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