October 24, 2008

Glover in Wonderland

The news from the Alice in Wonderland camp. A new cast member has been announced by The Hollywood Reporter in the form of Crispin Glover. All I have to say, regardless of what character he was signed to play is that I like this choice.

Glover certainly is an oddball actor and what better choice to be in a Tim Burton production than him! From his work in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter to Back to the Future, from Charlie's Angels to Willard, from Bartleby to The Wizard of Gore, the guy just oozes weird. One of these days he is bound to play a comic book villain, perhaps someone like the Riddler?

Anyway, Glover will be playing the Knave of Hearts in the upcoming Tim Burton production. The Knave is accused of stealing the Queen of Hearts tarts and Alice comes to his defense.

The problem now is waiting for its release in 2010!


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