October 4, 2008

George Romero and Island Zombies

George Romero is up to his old tricks again. By old tricks, I mean another zombie movie. As cool as it may be to have Romero try something outside the zombie horror subgenre, there is nothing quite like a Romero zombie. Slash Film is reporting that there is a story and a cast for this next excursion into zombie horror.

It seems that the working title is Something of the Dead. Sounds perfect, I think they should stick with that. I mean we know that the title will include "of the dead," so why not leave the "something" there and let the audience fill in the blank based on their interpretation? I know, stupid idea, but you know at some point we will have choose your own adventure type movies, which will require new titles for each version, but I digress.

This follow up to Diary of the Dead will likely continue the trend of this series having an odd timeline where technology exists outside of time. This new film will be set on an island mere weeks after the initial outbreak. Dead relatives rise from their graves will the townsfolk argue about whether to kill or preserve the living dead in the hope of a cure.

As for the cast? It was a list of names of people I have never heard of.


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