October 6, 2008

28 Weeks Later Sequel May Have a Director

Rumors are beginning to fly around concerning a new film in the 28 xxx franchise. The first film was directed by Danny Boyle and successfully reinvented the zombvie genre without even being a zombie film. Boyle stepped to the back and produced the sequel that featured Juan Carlos Fresnadillo in the director's chair, and another classic was born. That second film ended ready for a sequel and now it seems we are closer to a new film and that is not a bad thing.

Arrow in the Head is reporting that UK based director Paul Andrew Williams will be slipping into the director's chair for the new film, tentatively titled 28 Months Later. Slash Film takes it a step further and says that Danny Boyle has an idea for the new film and that it will be set in Russia.

While this is still just rumor at this point, I am excited about this news as both of those films are just really great to watch. The series provides strong characters and visceral excitement, not to mention stories that work. I just hope that if this third film does move forward that quality remains a priority.


Anonymous said...

will imogen poots (the girl playing tam ) and her brother be in the thrid installment? ?

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