September 25, 2008

Will Smith to Star in I Am Legend Sequel

I guess it was just a matter of time before Warner Brothers figured out a way to do it. Any movie that makes a good deal of money becomes a prime candidate for being tagged with the word "franchise." Considering the huge success of I Am Legend, it was no secret that a sequel was wanted. The big question was how to do it, considering Will Smith's character was killed at in the first film. Well, Bloody Disgusting is reporting that a prequel will be made and will keep Smith in the lead role.

In addition to the return of Will Smith, director Francis Lawrence is also returning to sit in the director's chair. Akiva Goldsman will be among the producers, and the screenplay will be penned by D.B. Weiss, whose debut screenplay is in the process of being produced now.

The story will be a prequel that chronicles the final days in New York City prior to the release of the apocalyptic virus. Am I interested in seeing this? Sure; however, I am not sure it will be any good. I mean, we already know that Smith's Robert Neville is doomed, and he is not quite the titular legend until the second film. Frankly, I am having trouble cracking through the idea to find a compelling story underneath. I guess that's why I'm not a writer.


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